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​Youtube alert! 
A New Story telling Portrait video is now online!
For this one I chose to paint @luanna ; the girl who inspired me to start sharing my looks on Lookbook 8 years ago.
Maybe I am who I am today because she was a true inspiration in the very beginning and I still admire her incredible work and kindness.
To watch the entire video you can find this one temporary in my bio or at ; I hope you will like it.
Have a magical weekend everyone.
Psstt les sous-titres sont disponibles en français ☺️❤️

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The little Mermaid presents you here favorite hand gels from @mercihandy !
So easy to bring it with you so you can keep your hands clean and fresh.
If you are a Disney fan you might like to try these, aren't they the cutest?
You can shop the collection here:

La petite sirène vous présente ici les gels préférés de @mercihandy !
Tellement facile à apporter avec vous pour garder vos mains propres et fraîches.
Si vous êtes fan de Disney, vous les aimerez surement, ne sont-ils pas trop mignons?
Vous pouvez acheter la collection ici:

#octolyfamily #octoly
Hi Crystal souls, today I am not coming with good news.
With their new rules @Youtube is making it harder for us creators to be a part of their creative program.
They ask us to get 4000 hours of watch time in a year and 1000 Subscribers.
The problem is; my videos are mostly short, so even with more than 100 videos available on my channel I do not reach the watch time Youtube desires.
It looks almost impossible to catch up what I lack to reach this goal but I am not someone who gives up easily. So I'm asking you to join the battle and to help me. Because I can't do this alone.
What I need to continue youtube is more watch time on my videos so if you are new here; please take a look at my channel (the link will be in my bio) and watch as much as videos you can and for those that love my channel please spread the word! Share my friend! Rewatching your favorite videos on my channel will help me a lot.
But I also plan to post more than just a video a week before the deadline. 
That's right; the 20th of February, these unfair rules will be applied. 
So in a month we can do it, right?
I highly count on your support this time.
If we fail I will have to close my Youtube channel and the videos I will produce will only be available on my Patreon. It means you will have to pay for a monthly subscription to see them.
(It starts at 1$ a month) This is the only Plan B I have in mind. 
Creating just one video takes days of works so if Youtube is not able to support me. 
I prefer to split ways, so I hope you can understand. 
And if you are helping in some way, please comment down below because I want to personally address my gratitude to you.
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(FR dans les commentaires) As a spiritual I am well aware that the more we feed our body and skin with organic products, the more our health will increase.
If you are not aware of that, everything around you is energy that holds different frequencies.
That is why most of time we heal or get sick with the energies that surround us.
Yes Crystal souls; words, thoughts, music, animals, earth, people, nature, everything are frequencies and these have an impact on you. It has been proved in the quantum physics, so for us to be healthy we need to look for high and positive vibrations.
In the case of beauty products, guess which components will have high frequencies? 
Organic ingredients or chemicals?
You wonder why you get allergies, acne and other intolerances? Then think deeply about it...
(and that is not just for beauty products but for what you consume physically and subconsciously)
Today I wanted to present you another amazing product from @GaranciaBeauty that makes my life a lot more easier. This is a limited edition of the "Pshiit Magique" I already talked about in the past.
This peeling foam is made with organic products that will clean your skin in only 30 seconds.
That's why it is magic! I personally use it everyday in the shower to clean my face and it has been helping a lot with my skin quality. My acne is clearing and the scars are fading away!
Here is the link:
I highly recommend you to try their products because they have been helping me a lot and I clearly only use this brand when it comes to take care of myself.
So keep on making the right decisions for your health and support brands that look for miracles in nature and not in a lab full of poison.
You're precious and you deserve the best. 🌹
Psst?! Have you seen my last video?
If so are you starting to value yourself more?
For those who missed it; the link is temporary available in bio 🎥💖 Boots | Bag | Beret | Sweater @vipshopglobal > "Lemos947" use this Code at to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50 
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YouTube Alert! A new video is online on my channel “do you value yourself enough?” The link is temporary available on my bio or at
I hope you will like it Crystal Souls 💖
(Les sous-titres en français sont disponibles)

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ㅡ"Can you hear the wind blowing away your troubles?
Can you see floating away the particles?
Because it seems that everyone is stuck in their bubbles."ㅡ

Boots | Bag | Beret | Sweater @vipshopglobal > "Lemos947" use this Code at to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50 | Necklace @shopdixi 
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ㅡ"The heart of a witch is full of magic."ㅡ

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What is your dream destination?

T-shirt: @TheGrungeMonkey

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ㅡ"My heart is full of dreams.
Beating in symphony with the wind.
My eyes are looking through the steam.
Seeking for a reciprocated love you hide within."ㅡ

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​The mermaid is giving you her secret to get a young lifted look.
If you are a night person and if you work hard all day you might need to fight aging signs around your eyes. I am guilty of this since I love my life as vampire and spending hours in front of my screen is not helping.
I personally love to apply this serum from @biotherm all around my eyes, the iron structure is cold and it helps a lot with puffy eyes in the morning. Perfect to relax will massaging your eye area as it will increase blood circulation and boost the collagen production, perfect to fight wrinkles.
But you can also use this serum on your eyelashes to keep them strong and healthy.
Don't you think this is genius?
Sure this serum is best if you take care of yourself in the first place. Drinking enough water, exercising, eating healthy and getting enough sleep will make you look young forever.

La sirène vous donne son secret pour obtenir un regard jeune et lissé.
Si vous êtes un ou une nocturne et si vous travaillez dur toute la journée, vous devrez surement avoir besoin d'un peu d'aide pour combattre les signes du vieillissement autour de vos yeux. Je suis coupable de ça car j'aime ma vie de vampire et j'avoue que passer des heures devant mon écran n'aide pas.
Personnellement, j'adore appliquer ce sérum de @biotherm autour de mes yeux, la structure en acier est froide et cela aide beaucoup pour les paupières gonflées le matin. 
Parfait pour se détendre tout en massant le contour des yeux; cela augmentera la circulation sanguine et stimulera la production de collagène, parfait pour combattre les rides.
Mais vous pouvez également utiliser ce sérum sur vos cils pour les rendre plus forts et les garder en bonne santé.
N'est ce pas intelligent?
Bien sûr, ce sérum aidera si vous prenez soin de vous en premier lieu. Il est important de boire suffisamment d'eau, faire de l'exercice, manger sainement et dormir suffisamment vous rendra jeune pour toujours. 
#octoly ​#bluetherapy #eyeopeningserum
Come with me I'll take you in a magic universe.
@GaranciaBeauty has been doing wonders to my skin lately. 
As you may know I fell in love with this brand because their products are honestly the best I have even tried.
I have a oily, sensitive and acne prone skin; most of the time the products I put on my skin do not help or worsen my situation. 
But with Garancia? It just improves my skin and reduces my scars and acne everyday.
Today I wanted to take about this product that is floating on top on my hand, let me tell you; the first time I tried it I was blown away. 
Yes I know it is a habit with Garancia...
Truely, my skin had little bumps and few pimples here and there. What I did is; I just washed my face with this foaming paste and I am not even joking...
I went back in my bathroom 2 hours after and when I took a look at my skin in the mirror... The bumps were all gone and my pimple were looking a lot smaller! Seriously I was shocked!
The paste promises you to purify and detox your skin.
From what I saw it has the possiblyto go beyond that! 
If you deal with imperfections.. You need to try this product! 
I also highly recommend you to check out their other products because they are just as amazing. Plus they create them with natural ingredients so nothing to be scared of.

Venez avec moi vous emmène dans un univers magique. 
@GaranciaBeauty a fait des merveilles sur ma peau ces jours ci. Comme vous le savez surement  je suis tombée amoureux de cette marque car leurs produits sont honnêtement les meilleurs que j'ai testé. J'ai une peau grasse, sensible et acnéique; la plupart du temps, les produits que je mets sur ma peau n'aident pas du tout ou aggravent ma situation. 
Mais avec Garancia? Leurs produits améliorent la qualité de ma peau et réduisent mes cicatrices et mon acné. 
Aujourd'hui, je voulais parler de ce produit qui flotte sur ma main, laissez-moi vous dire; la première fois que je l'ai essayé, j'ai été époustouflé. 
Oui, je sais que c'est une habitude avec Garancia ... Ma peau avait de tout petits boutons (bosses) et quelques boutons ici et là. (Suite dans les commentaires)