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ă…ˇ"In love you most become your own pillar.
Or when things will fall into pieces.
You will become a ruin."ă…ˇ

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Guess who is going to see Cristiano Ronaldo in just 2 weeks?
I am so excited! \o/
It is funny because yesterday I was looking at his astrological chart and telling myself how much this man was a role model to me in term of motivation, dedication and success.
And this afternoon my mom came to me saying that the team was going to play in Porto in 2 weeks... waaaah!
The universe is so nice to me. 
I am so grateful and so happy for all these beautiful things that manifest temselve in my reality. ♡

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ă…ˇ"We're rich of memories.
But not those that made us happy.
While you keep on blaming me.
For leaving effortlessly.
I smile; because I know now what it's like to be free."ă…ˇ

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Today I wanted to talk about this wonderful detox tea from @skinnyfit
Detox teas are highly beneficial for your body as it cleanses your body from parasites, toxins and residues. This means your immune system will be boosted and the cleanse will allow your body to absorb the good nutriments fully because when your digestive system is stoppered, it maintains all the bad guys inside and create a wall so your system can not access entirely what's good for him from the food you eat.
This is also why a lot of people lose weight when they start to drink detox teas, if your insides are clean; there's no chance for bad bacteria and residues to build a house and live peacefully inside you.
Most of people are not aware of this, but a lot of sicknesses and infections start in the guts.
So now you know what kind of medicine your need. Food is number one my friends.

This natural tea is vegan, gluten free dairy free, soy free, non GMO and sugar free!
Some detox teas are laxative but this one is not making you run to the toilet.
A big plus for fragile intestins and for people that love to drink tea during the day and wherever they go. Just like me!
I personally love the fruity taste of this tea and it has helped me to be less bloated.
Perfect to achieve a flat tummy and it give you a chance to your abs to show.

When do you start?
Get it at and make sure to use my discount code "marionl" to save your money.

Stay healthy my beautiful souls ♡ .
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I met a lot of beautiful beings in the fitness community. 
They motivate and inspire me everyday to grow as a stronger person.
A lot of people only meet their image but their minds and souls are a lot more shaped than their own body.
Often we see the partial result in others but we forget about this sparkling energy that brought them where they're.
I personally feel a lot more positive and stable since I workout daily.
In fact, I hardly can relate or recognize myself when I look back at the girl I was in the past.
I'm at ease with who I am and self love has become one of my priority.
This is something that gives me the strength to keep going.
So I highly suggest you to not be discouraged or envious.
Because you're as worthy and as capable of building your body & future in a more positive way.
Be in tune with yourself and inspire others.

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This T-shirt describes my love situation perfectly.
Since I asked for a divorce with my ex partner earlier this year, I have been focusing fully on my career.
Most people would think of it as something boring, but for me it's the fuel that gives me strength every day and it maintains me truly happy.
In the past I felt like being happy would be to find prince charming but I realized more than ever after being a wife that I needed to find happiness in me before being able to share my happiness with someone else.
This leaded me to no where but hell because partners can often be brutal with the way they see you and if you have no self love... You will sink with their opinions and perceptions.
Today I am aware of who I am and what I value in life and in others. This awareness has made me be a lot more picky or let's say "selective" when it comes to find a partner.
And this is what I was missing before, self love leads you to the right people because you are not lost enough in your mind to chase for someone that will show you the directions.
Love is not looking for perfection, love is about becoming the perfection and to find someone equally on his own path of perfection.
If you can both know how to grow stronger with each other. It is a win-win.
If someone needs to make the other follow his lead, this is a sign that something is to work on or it might not be the right time for you to be in a relationship.
Being single is a gift, don't be afraid to be alone because the truth is; you'll be reconnecting with who you are and people you admire. So experience everything you need in life, but please...
Keep a smile on your face no matter what.
Do not let someone or something make it fade away.

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ă…ˇ"Love is a game where the player has no option but to love himself in the first place
Since when the game can really start.
So he must play fair to gain his partner's respect.
Because a cheater can't be trusted and might ends up being a competitor; not a lover."ă…ˇ

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ă…ˇ"Do you still have to pretend to know?
Like if everything was new, when you have this feeling of familiarity inside.
Do you listen to your intuition?
Or do you keep acting like if you're just skin and bones?
Don't you see. . .
Life's like a sunset melting with the horizon.
Bright and colorful energies that collides together in harmony through evasion.
So why do you still live like if the world was your prison?"ă…ˇ

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Let me know down below your favorite character in Harry Potter.
Mine is Hermione ♡

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Getting a little magical in the moutains *

I also wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive and kind all the time.
I am so fortunate to have you all in my soul family ♡
~Loads of love~