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Spa or tea time? 
Which one is your favorite ?


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Happy Tuesday! This morning I have been working on photo concepts that are more engaged. I am not sure you guys will like it as the messages may seem too brutal for some people but I feel the need to raise my voice and talk about these injustices. Beside that expect more creative pictures on my Instagram. Fashion is fun but I am willing to continue to challenge me as an artist and to play with different concepts and new visuals. Which I think will be more entertaining and fun for you. That’s it, I just wanted to announce these exciting news. 😁
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ㅡIf I could bloom next to you.
In a garden of love.
We would need no thorns.
The sun will keep on shining to support our growth.
And we would get all we need from the same soil.
Love is about sharing, living and growing in harmony.
We'll keep on giving to our visitors, from bees to nature.
We'll never lack anything, because we're the source and receivers of abundance.
So even if today you grow your own garden.
We both are connected since our energy travels on this planet and beyond.
Somehow we already met.ㅡ

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If you believe, the universe will respond to your thoughts and tune with your energy.
I believe I deserve the best.
I believe I am worthy.
I believe in Love.
I believe in abundance.
I believe in a better and more caring world.
So you.. what do you believe? 
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Describe your day in emojis! 
Here is mine: 😴🍌👩🏻‍💻☀️🧘🏻‍♀️🍚🍅🏋🏻‍♀️💃🏻🚿🤳🏻👩🏻‍🍳 to be continued.. - Top @zaful 

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What make you feel balanced?
Personally I would say that working out makes me feel balanced, physically because building muscles and moving your skeleton help to get everything back in place and also build resistance.
But mostly it does wonder to my mental, I finally feel like I can control something and keep making progress and this has been helping me a lot. Especially because I feel powerless with my work on social medias, things evolve poorly and I battle to keep the ship at the surface of the water and seriously this is tiring and not rewarding. In fact the more I pass on my profile and the more I want to quit. The only thing that makes me stay is my Crystal soul family to be honest, the people that I see everyday on my post and stories. So thank you for being here ♥️ _________________
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ㅡWill you hold my hands in hard times?
Will loving you will be like a crime?
Because making you mine makes me feel so guilty.
Guilty to have you only for me.ㅡ

Choker @OceanFashion_ | Top @Zaful | Belt Kimikorea on Facebook

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When was your first kiss? 
Personally I was 15 and it was with my first very boyfriend.
To be honest I can count my ex partners on 1 hand. I never really liked dating for dating but I always was looking for real love and true romance.
I feel like today I am happy alone enough to not even need love outside of myself. What I am sure of is that my next partner will have to be my dream man for me to welcome him in my life. Because when you love yourself and when you can be your own pillar, you can only accept people that are here to love you truly and not here to manipulate or abuse you.

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Pouring love wherever I go.
Here is a rose for you 🌹to symbolize my love for you.
Who would you give that rose to? 
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ㅡKiss me under the Spring sun.
Hold me in the Summer breeze.
Before Fall will take away our desire.
And will freeze all our hopes in the beginning of Winter.ㅡ

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Drop a wish for the planet 🌎 
Rather it is to protect its ground, the air, the ocean, the animals... Make a wish that counts for you.
Personally mine would be to change agriculture. No more pesticides. No more forests to pay the price for meat consumption that leads to pollution, water waste and species extinctions.
This is in our hands. The change we can make will make a difference because the world responds to your demands and this all starts with your wishing for a better world, a better planet. ♥️ Shirt @zaful | Belt Kimikorea on Facebook

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Sometimes I wonder why I was sent here.
In this life time, on this planet, with these people.
I am starting to get bored of the life I live, of the same people I see repeatedly. The moment I am happier is when I forget about me, when I take a look at how much fun some people seem to be having. Then I wonder if they feel this empty when the cameras are not rolling and when they are reflecting on their lives. Perhaps we all feel the same from time to time... Shirt @zaful