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No more bullies will control me.
Self-respect is number one and respecting yourself enough to completely run away from someone. This is not being weak, it is being mature and strong enough to recognize there were not building foundations for a trusting and loving relationship.
Faking smiles is toxic.
Having to force yourself to be kind to others is not who I am and what I value.I am transparent and my emotions and moods are easily noticable.
A lot a people hate this about me. Because we live in a fabricated society where everyone's afraid to be true and mostly afraid to end up alone.
I won't play this game for people's satisfaction and it is time for everyone to set themselves free from this as well.
You're nobody's slave.
You come first.
You are worthy.

T-shirt @guy.guy.guy | Earrings @Gloriasanchezartist | Tarot art Poster @trueblacktarot 
T-shirt @guy.guy.guy | Earrings @Gloriasanchezartist | Tarot art Poster @trueblacktarot 
ă…ˇ"Is the world doing ok? Is your imprint on earth a positive one? If you die tonight, will you feel like you've been living fully? Will you be proud and feel like you did your best to live happy? If you find yourself answering "no". Tomorrow will be your second chance, not your sorrow."ă…ˇ

T-shirt @guy.guy.guy | Earrings @Gloriasanchezartist | Tarot art Poster @trueblacktarot 
Dress @zaful Use my code "lemos" to save your money | Necklace @chatouillez_moi | Shoes @amiclubwear 
Dress @zaful Use my code "lemos" and save your money | Necklace @chatouillez_moi 
ㅡ"Ô douce romance d'été
Sur eux l'amour s'est délicatement posé
Pourtant Ă  ce jour ils n'ont su succomber
Ă€ la douce d'un tendre baiser
Mais lorsque la trahison les eut frôlés
Leur amour désormais automnal n'a pu s'empêcher de faner

Ă” sweet summer's romance
On them love was delicately dropped
However to this day they did not succumbed
At the sweetness of a tender kiss
But when treason has brushed them near
Their love, now autumnal could not help but wilt"ă…ˇ

Dress @zaful | Necklace @chatouillez_moi | Shoes @Amiclubwear 
I have decided to not post the video I recorded few days ago.
I thought it would be useless to fight against the system Instagram installed.
Plus I believe we need a massive impact to make them recognize how people are suffering from it.
So that would include to unit thousands of people to spread the message.
Someone like me on instagram has no chance to reach enough people.
So I guess we will all continue to suffer from their rules... Dress @zaful Use my code "Lemos" to save your money | Choker @Gothica_Palace | Shoes @Amiclubwear 
ㅡ"I want to be your favorite Professor Snape."ㅡ

Dress @zaful Use my code "Lemos" to save your money | Choker @Gothica_Palace | Harry Potter inspired notebook @adakeeslerdesign 
Dress @zaful Use my code "Lemos" to save your money | Choker @Gothica_Palace | Shoes @Amiclubwear | Harry Potter inspired notebook @adakeeslerdesign
These past few days have been tiring and stressful.
I am not sure this situation will end soon. In fact it is getting worse.
I am wanting to get my own little place but finding something when you are an artist with no stable salary is a pain in the ass.
Plus shooting in a city alone will be almost impossible so I am not sure I will be able to provide pictures like I do now. 
In my head it is a mess and I still do not know what I should do to live a peaceful life again.

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Marry me Mr Potter.

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