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A new coffee shop caper at Cafe Renoir
Just in at the nick of time. Time to relax and listen. Classical music at the Ulster hall.
Brekkie!!! Just had a great chat with a good friend of mine as well.
How secure is your website? Wrote a piece last night about two factor Authentication and using the really cool clef app to sign into your websites.

It's great if you run loads of sites and hate remembering passwords!

Check out the post on the Leodan:Design blog.
So I silenced it!!!
I was just going to get a free refill while Windows 10 updates - but the banoffee spoke to me!!!
Excellent coffee and customer service
Great coffee
Great coffee and a good review
Today has been a day of "new" coffee shops
If you go anywhere today, go to Kaffe O's new shop on Botanic Avenue