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✨FLASH SALE! ✨20% off SPF today and tomorrow only. Comes in 3 different formulas-Oil Free Matte, Hydrating, and tinted.
Classic eyelash extensions are when one synthetic lash is attached to one natural lash giving the illusion of darker, longer, and thicker lashes that resemble mascara. Lash fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks to keep extensions looking full ✨

Classic lashes by Kelli
✨ Take time for yourself ✨ This could be reading a book, going for a walk, getting a massage, or even meditation. Just be sure to take the time to care for yourself 💕
Every lash set is customized to each individual client with a few things kept in mind: 
1.) What style our client is looking for- Does she prefer natural or bold? Are these lashes for an event or for everyday? 
2.) The health of our clients lashes - To keep our clients natural lashes healthy we measure and examine to their natural lashes to determine that we use the right lengths and diameters. If a client has natural lashes that are 8 mm long- they would not be able to support a 14 mm long lash. 
3.) What will compliment our clients eyes? We do love a good cat eye shape, but believe it or not- it’s not for everyone! 
We can do natural, bold, glamorous, or somewhere in-between! Just keep in mind that a lot of our customization has your natural lashes in mind. 💕✨
Masking Monday 💆 I love starting the week by taking a moment for myself. My typical Monday routine starts with a cup of coffee and a hydration mask. This gives me a moment to reflect and plan the week while also caring for myself. What does your Monday morning routine look like?
💋✨Have you tried a lip balm from @jaidenmadisoncosmetics ? They are super hydrating and come in 9 different colors to choose from.  They range from hot pink, coral, purple, red, translucent, and more! Find your summer lip color at our studio!
Morning views ✨ Hybrid sets are the best of both worlds! Hybrid is a mix between classic and volume lashes. Giving you a dense and full look with an everyday life twist 👌
Do you have a vacation this summer? Don’t skip your skin care routine! We have you covered with travel size skin care products to keep your skin glowing ✨
A massage can jumpstart your whole week! Appointments available this Saturday. 
Call/Text (360)972-0431 or schedule online lethallashbeauty.com
Check out our new cute lash makeup bags available at our studio! ✨ Perfect for holding your skin care and makeup for a weekend getaway! .
Lip gloss and travel size skin care are also available! 
Skincare - @skinscriptrx 
Lip gloss- @jaidenmadisoncosmetics
Headed to a beachy vacation and want to skip your makeup routine? ☀️ Try a lash lift and tint! Your lashes will stay curled for 6-8 weeks and tint will last 3-4. And best of all- you can dive into water without the worry of mascara running down your face!
Fanning these volume fans 💨💜 Volume lashes are when 2 or more lashes are attached to one natural lash. 
For this set we wanted to achieve a bolder look. We used different lengths to create a slight texture and lashed all the layers to make a full lash look. 
Volume lash fill - Kelli