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A little life, a lot of adventure. Teaching my chillins that experiences>stuff. Mama to 2 kid size explorers. ✈️🗺⛵️

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Big surprise: Kansas in the winter was never on the bucket list. But sometimes life brings you adventures (and weddings) in places you never thought you’d go. Having an amazing time with my hubby 😍
#mopop #seattle
King of the pumpkin chariot, he’s a quintessential first born, very good at demands 😂
The most perfect of fall days.
My proper lil’ punkin’
His poses are just getting more epic as the years go by 😂
Be one with the 🎃
Let’s be honest, that guy in the back deserves a raise 😂
We are in full swing school mode. It’s amazing how happy everyone is with a solid schedule in place, friends they see every day, and mama getting some time to recharge during the day. The weather is turning crisp in the mornings and we’re embracing early bedtimes, board games, and snuggles. Fall is an amazing time of year 😍
Victory feels so good 🙌🏻