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Made a promise to never stop exploring, finding adventures wherever we go. Mama to 2 tiny adventurers+10 years of marriage🛥🏕✈️Let's go, lovely! 🏔🗺

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Tough day at the office 😴
This guy finished his season off strong! Our little soccer ⭐️!
Starting our country project :)
My kids reward chart prizes couldn’t be any more different 😂
Mr. Baker Man 🎂
Just two way too happy kids. Kellen is just remembering how lucky he is that he's married to me. That's my theory.
I'm not quite sure there is literally anything cuter than this in this world....
Went to the chapel ❤️
Congrats you dabbin fools!
I mean, I shouldn't have to spell it out for you, but here you go...
I loves me za babies!
Checking out the Dahlias by Nana and Papas new place! So happy to have them closer!