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Teaching my chillins that experiences>stuff-join me? Mama to 2 kid size adventurers that I plan to tote all over the world ✈️🗺⛵️. Let’s Go, Lovely!

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Summer has begun 😍☀️
“This is my daily workout. Sadie, you must weigh 100 pounds!!!”- Haden
Park days ❤️
When all you needed was a good staycation 😂
There’s a kid in there
Browsing with the bestie means: hot coco and coffee to start, a little sniffing some smelly stuff and finding every unicorn we can spot. She’s my fave ❤️
Ready for our first camping trip of the year, and these guys got to stop at Zekes for party animal ice cream! And party they will!
It’s an art on the sidewalk kinda day 😍
Happy mamas day, folks. This has been my favorite one yet by far. My 3 special people made me feel incredibly important. And when asked what he loves best about mama, Haden said “she never quits her job.” Dat be true. And why would I when I wake up to these two squirts every morning?
Ever since we got our chickens Haden has been trying to train them to stay on his head while he walks around. He’s getting there! 😂
I don’t want to forget this stage even when it’s hard. I don’t want to forget finding teddy bears next to army men and crazy letters that I can’t really read but I know it’s notes to his best friend. I don’t want to forget how precious he is in his little baseball uniform even if he throws a fit about not getting there. I love being this boys mama, even through all the tough moments. How rewarding is this parenting journey we are on.