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Teaching my chillins that experiences>stuff-join me? Mama to 2 kid size adventurers that I plan to tote all over the world ✈️🗺⛵️. Let’s Go, Lovely!

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Sister joined the dark sign #cutestbadgalever
My mini, I adore this little girl. Last night she asked me to count her coins. I said “you have $1.92” and she said “is that enough to take a trip?” 😍
Happy birthday to the kid that always keeps me on my toes: the kid who dreams of being a YouTube star and epic worldwide breakdancer. The kid who made up not just one imaginary friend but an entire imaginary set of brothers. The kid who danced his way around China and told everyone he farted on the Great Wall. Haden, your ideas never cease to amaze me. I wish daily I could bottle your energy and zest for life. I’m so happy to share my birthday with you, crazy child! ❤️🎉
Few things might be sweeter than completing our China project together with a presentation to his first grade class. There may have been some random facts involved but for the most part I feel like it was a solid geography lesson. Couldn’t be prouder of my kiddo right now!
It never ceases to amaze me how much they enjoy these 4 half balls of concrete. 😂
Our China adventure film is up on the blog! It was such an amazing experience getting to see this country through his eyes ❤️ the whole thing is on the blog now, click the link in my profile to see it!
Can you spot him? Just hanging out in a Chinese tea garden ❤️✈️🇨🇳
Pu Pier. I won’t try to pretend I didn’t laugh too 😂
Trees like this 😍
Haden had so much fun at the Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot in Wuxi, China. New post on the blog about it today! We would love to return and spend a whole day exploring this beautiful area!
I’m editing our vacation film to China now, but guys, I just have to share this adorable clip from the Great Wall. He’s such a ham 😂🇨🇳