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Teaching my chillins that experiences>stuff-join me? Mama to 2 kid size adventurers that I plan to tote all over the world ✈️🗺⛵️. Let’s Go, Lovely!

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Hiking and whacking bushes with sticks. Not really a better way to spend your time, Haden thinks.
Always finding heart shaped everything 😍
Daddy in his favorite place with his favorite girl 😍
Made his own fishing pole 🎣
Fall camping in the rain. Not so bad when you’ve got an old barn and some silly stories to tell around the fire 👌🏼
Found a piano outside and had to play 🎶
Today did not go as planned. Like, at all. We went to Seattle to splash in the Seattle Center fountain (via car, boat and bus!) and discovered the fountain was closed for cleaning 😬. Little did I know, just around the corner was this little gem. So happy the day was saved and a lesson was learned: always double triple check that things are open!
We’re suckers for a good donut. #toppot always #nailsit
Last day of summer vacation 2018 adventure!
Home 🏡 every time we go away we are reminded how much we love it here. Life is for adventures but home is a beautiful place of love and comfort you can never find anywhere else. Excited to see our boys ❤️
Finding good ice cream is always of utmost importance on mama-Sadie trips! This place EVEN HAS A SLIDE. Mission Delicious  Denver Ice Cream: Accomplished @ Tiny Man Ice Cream