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“Walk with certainty that you deserve your place here”....because you do. 💜 Another beautiful piece by @wordsbykendallgrace, thank you!
To everyone who has heard this one too many times, in one too many inappropriate situations. 😉
Love this. 💜

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Thank you for this past year - for your listening ears. For your vulnerability. For your honesty. Your stories. Your light, and your truth. I hope that as we all head into the new year a bit of renewed hope can find its way into each of our lives. Life is always worth fighting for. I love you guys, Happy New Year! 💜
I am so excited to start videos back up in the new year! I’ve missed talking to all of you. 💜 Here’s me and little Sophie at Christmas! How do you feel heading into the New Year?
So many of us have gentle and kind hearts, yet forget those qualities when we speak to ourselves. A reminder to all of us to be gentle to all - ourselves especially. You are so worthy of kindness, compassion, and real care.💜

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I don’t know about you, but I felt like after I was assaulted, suddenly I was a baby in the world. Everything was brand new and I had no idea who, or what, I was. The past seven years since have brought so much growth - and in so many ways I have begun to find who I really am. While that trauma shattered so many pieces of who I used to be, in the aftermath I was able to choose to find the pieces of who I actually was. “Growing up” after terrible things happen isn’t fair - it isn’t easy. But even in the midst of all the darkness, we can choose who we get to be as we move through it. We aren’t walking this journey alone. 💜 You are courageous and full of perseverance - and you can do this.
Thanks for sharing this with us Linda! 💜
Enjoying some much needed off time in my favorite place with my favorite person. 💜 .
(p.s. we’re being photo bombed by John in the background....😆)
What’s a victory for you today (no matter how small, no matter how big?)? 💜
Just something to make you smile today! 💜 This is my little rat Delilah. She, like the other two, is the worst kind of thief and will steal from right under your nose! 🥰