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The culture we live in tells us we have to constant press on and never stop to be seen as strong. 
Think about how muscle is built in the gym. To get strong, you have to work out a muscle group, then rest. If you lifted weights every day you would tear down and weaken muscle, not allowing it time to strengthen and grow.

The same is true in every aspect of life. Do not be ashamed of needing to rest - it is not weak. It is how we get strong. 💜

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“We’re all trying to remember who we were before the world got its hands on us.” 💜
This tugs at my heart. The idea of being “whole again” after going through what I went through seemed like a sick joke for years. But lately it doesn’t. Though I feel broken in many ways, I also know that I have everything I need to make it through - and I will. And you will. We will always find a way. 💜
Be there for yourself with no judgement. 💜
Plagued my nightmares all night and morning. My least favorite visitors, #nightmares are. They try to cling onto me throughout the day and drag me back into their depths. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day. 💜
This is a painful truth to learn but one that is true over and over again. You cannot make someone hear you or your truth if they do not want to. As we try to heal from what we have endured, so often we reach out and find some who are unwilling to listen.  I have often tried to make, or pretend someone is, someone be who I need them to be - a safe and listening ear. But if that is not what they want to be, they will never be it. It can be heartbreaking, but slowly, you will find who wants to be there, and who doesn’t. Hold onto those who hear you. I promise they exist. And they are worth more than gold. 💜
2 a.m. cuddle time with my fluff ball kitty Cakes a few nights ago. She is keeping me company as I recover on the couch and attempt to catch sleep in surgical recovery. Her deafening purrs do, actually, help. 😉 Animals are the best medicine.
Helpful and true. 😊💜 Credit: @journey_to_wellness_
Stay strong, dear friends! We are all braver than we know. You’ve got this. 💜

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It almost looks like I have a full leg here! 😉 Home and recovering from the comfort of my own couch instead of a hospital bed. THANK YOU for all your amazing messages and well wishes the past few days, they have helped me stay positive and encouraged me so much! 💜
Safely home! Attached to these two orbs in bags 24/7...nerve blocks, helping with pain management. Thankful to be out of the hospital, sleeping most hours of the day, and adjusting to a new normal. 💜