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Got in 25 Miles in what felt like 100 degrees on Thursday. 🚴🏻‍♂️
Decided to try zig-zagging the bike & pedestrian-friendly 4 bridges to get a little more breeze #rideabike #ridecincy #bikecincy #purplepeoplebridge #taylorsouthgatebridge #roeblingbridge #claywadebaileybridge
Happy 1st Birthday Maeby! 🐝
Never expeced to get 41 miles in today after work on a hot day, but I’ve had versions of this route in my head for awhile, and convinced myself to try it today. 
Special thanks to everyone who maps their routes! I had never been on 50% of the roads I took today in the Eastern burbs, but enjoyed them and felt safe. It was really easy to navigate out there. 
The last photo is my reaction to how I’ll feel after 40 miles today and nearly 100 this week immediately after 3 weeks of no riding
#IndianHill #CampDennison #Beechmont #rideabike #OTET #OH2Erie
Monday’s bike ride was spent partially in the dark due to poor planning! But even though I got lost 2 times, I found some great roads, cool views, and road Anderson Ferry for the 1st time ever. It’s $1 on a bike! 🚴🏻‍♂️ #ridebike #westsidecincy #PriceHill #AndersonFerry #Route8 #riverrides
Sunday I couldn’t wait to recover from my fall and wrist injury during such nice weather. Awesome to be back. #rideabike #rideCincy
A short ride a week ago after almost  3 incredibly depressing weeks off from biking after falling and spraining my wrist. It’s great to be back, but it was a bit scary to back on the road so I mostly road uphill or toured to find photos of #Pendleton and #sunset
@lfc_cincinnati @rhinehausotr It was a fun weekend. Up the 2018-19 Reds. #wegoagain
It’s been awhile since I actually shared match photos! An incredible performance by @nazmialbadawi @lede.manu18 and @dannikonig made for a lot of goals and a lot of black smoke! Incredible week for the boys in🔸&🔹! #blackout #FCCincy #FCCincinnati

On to the next! And another big week ahead: Road trip to Pittsburgh for the Open Cup on Wed, then back for Louisville on Sat! 🚙🇺🇸🏆
New day. Different state. Different beer kit. Same great feeling - to finally get out and ride again two days in a row 😎☀️🚵🏻‍♂️
Perfect weather to make up for the rain and cold streak lately. Excited to get out so I hit a bunch of PR segments. And no real route plan, I found a pretty solid bike-friendly route — which went through or adjacent to about probably Cincy neighborhoods 🚴🏻‍♂️☀️✔️
Rhinegeist with a Nice Little Monday! Awesome tour from John and Travis. Thanks guys! #rhinegiest #thisisotr #brewerydistrict #otr #craftbeer
The Main Street Steps walk...
I forgot to count all the steps, by Strava tells me if was 333 feet of elevation, which is almost all from the Main Street Steps staircase! 
#citysteps #Cincysteps #OTRsteps #OTR #MtAuburn