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For more than 33 years, La Maison Anglaise bookstore has been supplying its customers with English and Spanish books in Quebec, Canada.

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We have a big selection of picture books for kids! Fill in the blank: "I want to introduce my kids to books about ______________." Courage? Love? Sharing? Compassion? (Or all of them.)
A good classic is always a must to read! Fortunately. we have a lot of classic books in store for you to read.⠀
Thank you to #📷 @victoria.livresque for tagging us!
Kindness, the little thing that matters most. #Bekind #choosekindness
#ShaunatheSheep is there to tell you that life is too short to read crappy books, and that our staff members are really good at finding the perfect book for you. Shauna also wants you to know that this pillow is really comfortable to read a good book.
What is one thing that makes you happy? This book is there to encourage you to live your best life!
Your mug is so hot that these dinosaurs turn into fossils 😉😮
Have you read it yet? ⠀
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#ShaunatheSheep says she loves books from La Maison Anglaise! She also says that this pillow is her new favorite and that it is very comfortable.
Do you love your sister? This book is the perfect gift that says "I love you, sis". Complete the sentence: "Happiness with my sister is __________________________".
#ShaunatheSheep 's favorite book of the moment! "Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe" is a great series published by @scholasticcda , especially for readers that are learning to read in English. #branchesbooks #branchesseries
The Bishop's Pawn is the most recent novel of Steve Berry, and it is the 13th novel in the Cotton Malone series. Are you as happy as we are that it is out?
Remember these girls?⠀
The W.i.t.c.h. are back in several volumes (they are graphic novels). All in color. ✨