night flight view 🖤✨
“Her aura is made of poetry, flowers and galaxies”
(also netflix and kdrama 🤭)
Yasss guys! After a year 😂✌️ @mardshmallow @joucruz @jenpantaleon @tonetcabigao .
🎵Chasing Fire - Lauv
Take videos, they said. You will never get that day back. Watch out for Hurts 🕺🏻🥀 Thank you @jakecgoss @_lespriest @pauljasonklein @thisislany #lany #lanyliveinmanila
Aaaaaawesome set! but Hericane is 💚 @thisislany #lany #lanyliveinmanila
Someone up there is a great artist
tb📸: when sleep and travel is life🚶🏽‍♀️💤
délicieux 💛
Parentals! 📸: @lance_markus
Month end tickets are coming! 📈

Me : 🏃🏽‍♀️