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A little love note all the way from down under @veronicaleedrayton
So.....how early is too early to put up a Christmas tree?
The Force (finally) Awakens 😴☕️
#TIU21 👉🏼 Take 2 🎬
Rocking crop tops and top knots  at 30. And I never dared at 15. Turns out it‘s not an age thing, but a confidence thing. Thanks girls, @toneitup 🤗💕
Today’s yoga flow was 😱🔥😅 #thesweatisreal
Eat your veggies 🥒
Do your squats 🍑
& don’t let boys be mean to you🙅🏼
It’s Thursday and my hair is 90% dry shampoo, so a side braid felt very necessary 😅💁🏼 Rocking the #katrinabraid of course
Got a new water bottle to keep me hydrated AND motivated 😄👌🏻