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Just bought these Red Cherry falsies 🍒

So lush, considering that they're drugstore products. 
They were super cheap.

Can't wait to try them out.
If you missed it on Pinterest, read the details of what doing a 7DaySmartphoneDetox was like for me. 
Link is in my biooo. 😬

Day 7 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
It's the last day of the 7 day challenge! 
I know I wasn't supposed to use my phone but I had to. 
This Lagos girl finally moved to the red-roofed city of Ibadan and the moving required the functions of a phone. 
Too bad for my challenge record.

Day 6 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
Last two days of the 7 day challenge were pretty much me not doing much on my phone. 
Spent this one scouring the streets of Lagos for a cute plant and woven baskets. 
Found them! 

Day 5 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
Did not do so good on this one. Completely tanked it actually.

Day 4 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
It's an hour before bed and I'm ready to curl up and watch a movie. 
#lifeinng #howhealthyisthat?

Day 3 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
Had such a busy day planned today I didn't even have the time to look. ✔️

Day 2 of the @Popsugar challenge. 
Easy peasy. Notifications turned off! 😴

So I started the challenge by @Popsugar on Monday.

Hardest part was definitely the unsubscribing 😰 - but I did find a few very helpful apps and articles on decluttering software. 
Accidentally spray painted my fingers. 
#colorstudy #DIYgonebad #lifeinng
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