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Life of a Bastard Vol.1
“A Coming of Age Story in New York City’s Foster Care System”
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White Cover 2nd Edition Coming 01/30/2019
Life of a Bastard Vol. 1 ( White Cover Edition ) 

Book Series by Damien Black 
Illustrations By Laura Caiafa “My memories from this period are often nebulous. They bend and warp like clouds caught between two fronts. A lot of terrible things happened to me that I try not to remember, but I was a child, I was innocent, and I used to be happy sometimes.” -Javier Soto

10% of Book Sales will be donated to the Foster Care Club
REVIEWS "This book vibrates a message that is hard to read but necessary to continue to understand. Along with books such as A Child Called It and A Bastard out of Carolina, it portrays the misfortune and hardships of children in the foster care system. The truth that Damien shares about his life as Javier is gut wrenching but we know it is real. “ Jennifer Buck ( Author of Dandelions ) "Life of a Bastard Vol.1 is an emotional, moving, poignant tale that needs to be read by everybody."-RED HEADED BOOK LOVER BLOG "I have to admit that Life of a Bastard is very disturbing and painful story to read. I had to take breaks between chapters. I felt I needed to breathe, as the description of some abuses and violence were sometimes making it hard to continue. However, the author, who is also Javier Soto, has an excellent sense of humor and it helps. A sense of humor to speak about abuses!? You might think it is odd. Yes and no. But, this is another reason why I love that book.” Stephanie Batailler ( Author & Filmmaker OhlalaLand Stories ) 
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Damien Black was born in New York City during the more interesting times. In writing “Life of a Bastard”, he wishes to capture the authentic and genuine experience of life in foster care, the struggles of identity, and the hard truths of sexual and physical violence that are common among the children who are abandoned. He hopes that the series will encourage readers to have more of understanding and compassion for the 20,000 foster care children that leave the “system” every year in the United States of America. 
Currently Damien Black is working on the final touches for Life of a Bastard Vol.2, collaborating with a gifted artist to bring two short stories "Bright Light" and "Killing in the Name"  into graphic novel form. When Damien is not writing, he is reviewing indie books for A Bastard's Indie Book Reviews as he lives a life of an expat in China, along with his son Hannibal. 
Life of a Bastard Book Series 

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Track #3 "Criminal Minded" by Boogie Down Productions

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B.A.N. ( Season 1 EP 7)
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Paper Boi :Hell yeah.
Dr. Deborah Holt: Well, I did some research on your lyrics, and they're actually very pro sexual-spectrum.
"If I eff with you, you my N-word, you my N-word for life.”
Paper Boi: Yo you know that ain't what I meant.
Dr. Deborah Holt: Yeah, oh, I understand, but, you know, - there's a layer of fluidity 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#Atlanta #PaperBoi
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