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You can thank the memories of mechanical musings and melodious music to Asa, who left to live a year in The East. He has given us more than we can repay in hugs, humour, and a handful of recorded drum material which will eventually be used in an album to commemorate his tenure in Rogozo.

He also left good ol' @billybaldwinband with this endorsement:
Another single from @billybaldwinband 's NECROMANSWERS, today.
Sister band BILLY BALDWIN made an album.
They will tour with it for a few weeks. 
Rogozo will not play during this time.
Await our return in Spring.
Our sisters in @billybaldwinband released this hot single today. Our psychic plays keys in this song.
Rogozo's Psychic plays keys in @billybaldwinband and they are touring the East Coast with @superteensuperteen for a few weeks. Catch them.
Honored to have made our way onto someone's banjo case after last night's ridiculous show. Actually honored and amazed. #koogler #MoGo #whereswalden #thehemlocks #citizensloft
You are coming to the Rogozo Showgozo at Citizens' Loft tomorrow.
Greetings from San Diego.
Our dearly beloved Asa, the drummer of this band, leaves for Asia very soon. This is the last show we (and all his other bands in Boston) will play with him for a year.Do not miss it.
This is a photo of Cursed Boxes, who we played with last night. We also played with Birdorgan and Wendy Eisenberg. Everyone was really really good.
1) We play this art gallery show tonight in Lowell

2) Rogozo 2 (the comic) is officially available at!

3) We love you