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til further notice, i'm inbetween. from where i'm standing, my grass is green.


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everything's always better wit u 沽
yea chiflada we get it but next time maybe put some expression in yr face
life rocked me like mテカtley, bad beginnin to my new year
i saw god tonight
me thinking about how family guy isn't actually funny and me thinking it's entertaining and the funniest thing i've ever watched just proves that i'm fucked up and my sense of humor is corny and mean and just. bad
you know what's pretty? me
holy shit. i'm hot
im crying 沽ュ沽ュ沽ュ this is so exciting for me
jg is my mom 沍ャ support yr favorite feminists, support sex work, support women u love!!!
today was.... memorable #womensmarch
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