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A lady from another grinning soul. Tejana. UT por vida. Texas Fuego. In looooove with Beto (im his big baby)

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Abonbon chele, abonbon chaaa cha
Rest In Peace, Angel 💚 You and Kushybaby are together again. Thank you for doing what you loved, shamelessly; thank you for being transparent and sharing your struggles with us. Thank you for being bubbly and happy whenever you could; and thank you for sticking it out as long as you did. August, you changed lives, whether you knew it or not. If anyone you know is,
or YOU, are struggling with your mental health.. please reach out. Don't allow another life to be taken in such a mean world. 1-800-273-8255.
Formal. Say hello to your new Recruitment Chair! 😉 #texasfuego #itslit #jointexasfuego
She shines sun shines
I meant to post this... a long time ago
A beautiful baby.
Hey. I'm tryna have ur babies in 10 years. Can we get a dog? I love you. Ok goodnight @beto_the_baller
People suck
When I'm with you, my heart is bigger and fuller than Kyle Field on game day
Me: i just killed my husband i'll be at the party soon lol
My group chat: ok lit lol ttyl
oh shit i forgot it was halloween i just woke up lol
We made the pasta, then ate the pasta 🍝 #biglittledate #itslit @texasfuego