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“Hey guys, want to come over and hang out with my dogs? I’ll probably be there, too.” - When your besties are literally family.
The best memories!!! Thank you for the memories friends and family!! You are all amazing. Also, is there anything cuter than your bestie being pregnant?! #morememories
#Kissing #2018 #goodbye. Wow. What an incredible year, packed with all kinds of adventures! Got married to an amazing man who happens to also be my best friend (score!), started my own practice, started a business with a beautifully brilliant woman and business partner, visited a a new country, experienced a hurricane, cousin got married, brother got married, got to visit with my best friend, rode on a tiny plane without anxiety... hmm what else? I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings, as each year provides new challenges, adventures, and opportunities to grow. Some of my fav pics of celebration on a happy day! #growthmindset for the win! #healthymind #healthylife

Here’s to living authentically, with a full heart. Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe and have fun!

...I know my IG is being over-ran by wedding posts and I just can’t help myself, not even sorry! Our chapter started in 2015, and I’m never looking back.
. 📸: simply.spledid
#heidihullentry I loved my personally designed bridal jewelry from @heidihulldesignsbridal @heidihulldesigns ! It was everything I dreamed of, and a forever heirloom to hopefully give to my kids one day!
#martinalianabride #martinaliana #heidihulldesigns #oregonbride #junebugweddings
#family ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #gettingentzkowed
The minute I met his family I knew why I loved him... seeing our families together was the best feeling. I’ve felt like part of the Gentzkow’s from day one, and now they’re stuck with me forever. I’m pretty sure my family adopted Grandma Jeanne, too. We’re officially all one family. All the ❤️ #gettingentzkowed 📸: @simply.splendid
Ladies- Thank you for being there, thank you for being you. These beautiful women have some of the more courageous souls and kindest hearts. I cannot imagine being without them on one of the most important days of my life so far, and I couldn’t imagine a future without their love, advice, support, and laughter.  #friendsforlife #beautifulwomeninsideandout 📸: @simply.splendid
#bestfriends Watching me do housework. I should train them to clean... Lazy dogs napping while I work today, unfair.
For some reason these are some of my favorite- maybe it’s the feeling I had that evening of our rehearsal dinner, getting ready to marry my best friend. Memories on the rooftop 🥰Candid pictures are always my favorite.
Hey guys! I started an Instagram for my practice so I don’t have to bother you all with psych and health posts. If you’re interested in psychology, health, wellness, and career posts feel free to follow me @elizabethgentzkow ! See you there!

When’s the last time you felt good? I mean REALLY good? I’m talkin’ energized-clear minded-happy-low or no stress-kind-of-GOOD. If you don’t know, then it’s time to take a look at the psychobiological relationship you have with your diet and lifestyle.
ℹ️ Did you know that digestion only occurs in a parasympathetic state? This means if you eat when stressed, as many of us do, our digestion slows or may even stop all together. Digestive issues are common among those that struggle w/mental health issues. There is a bi-directional relationship between our mental wellbeing and our digestive system. .
We can begin to heal our mental wellness by healing our digestive wellness, and vice versa. .
👇🏼Tip: Try to plan at least one meal a day without electronics or other distractions. Sit at the table. Before eating, practice a series of deep breathing to engage your parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system: • counting take a deep breath in for 5 counts
• hold that breath for 1 second
• exhale for 5 seconds
• X repeat at least 4 times X
• enjoy that damn good food! .
*Q & A*
Tell me, how do you slow down to enjoy your meal? 
What is one challenge you face with incorporating a sit down meal?
I have always been a believer that food and nature provide us with what we need to live and heal. Growing up, I didn’t have the information we have today about nutrition and toxins that hinder development and healthy functioning in our bodies. Oh man how I wish I did! It’s not that I had major health issues, but I was always struggling with fatigue, dizziness, low energy, nausea, poor mood, and even anxiety. When I noticed my usually thick hair begin to thin, I knew my lifestyle needed to change for good. I questioned by habits and realized many of them didn’t fit my beliefs or values, I only did them because they were in my routine out of familiarity. They were no longer serving me and making me sick. Instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t “eat”, I began focusing on what my body needed and what would help me function better.

Changing your lifestyle is hard, I know, but it is possible. Your beliefs about your lifestyle and habits are what keep you from change you wish to see. It’s not easy, but feeling good is worth every challenge. There will be a day, I promise, where your new habits become the norm and thinking of your old habits will make you cringe.

I will never go back!  I can’t believe the lifestyle habits I had for so long- soy lattes on the regular, bread and pastries, processed protein and meal shakes, granola bars... bleh! At one point I think my body just said enough! 
These days, it’s celery juice in the morning and carrot ginger juice if I’m feeling frisky, still coffee but WAY less and usually mixed with decaf, green smoothie for breakfast, veggie hash, or coconut yogurt and pumpkin see protein with fruit. Focusing on whole ingredients has been key and becoming easier all the time. #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #healthydoesntcomeinboxes #avoidprocessedfoods #balance #healfromwithin
Hello, London.... Yes, it’s me again. Can I come over?