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📸 @ma_hakimadam RM5 jacket ✅ #ootd
just uploaded new makeup tutorial on my channel 💖love the pigmentation from #ferrarossabeauty #ferrarossa #ferrarossaeyeshadow @ferrarossabeauty @ferra_rossa 
Products used:
1. Honey Bee Serum from @nafura #honeybee #honeybeeserum
2. Jelly One Pack primer @jonecosmetic 
3. Alisa X Shazreeyana Shukri Loose Powder #alisaxshazreeyanashukri
4. Ferra Rossa Eyeshadow (caramel/raspberry/tiramisu)
5. Contouring powder @catrice.cosmetics #catrice 
6. Blusher @maybelline #maybellinemy
7. @feverglam.my Good Lady + @baecosmeticss 
8. Face mist Aloe Vera @naturerepublicmalaysia Mars Liquid Lipstick #makeuptutorial #panamadance
new vlog featuring @zoey.lee from team @glamxcosmetics meeting & some scenes from guardian looking for st.ives scrub 😅 those mekap thingy with yui @yuesmyny then muaz textile drama hahaha @aidahfarhana yang dah tengok mesti tahu kikiki okay bye #zglamxlilybrahim 10% off code & free shipping to those who want to buy @glamxcosmetics new mulberry 🎨
such a really nice purple pink 💜💖 makeup without false lashes #panama
testing out otwo foundation gift from kak @aynl.lv.blck dia bagi pun sebab dia nak ittew test out fd tu dia cakap best! dia tak jual eh this fd korang boleh beli kat shopee hehehe btw yang penutup kuning tu cerah sangat with my skin and the very coverage penutup hitam tu dia sheer coverage i pakai sebelah2 #brushbellaz #panamadance #makeuptutorial #otwo illuminating highlighter & mascara biasa2 je tak tahan lama dia cayaq kak aynal 😭😅
snippets of 50 sen bundle try on haul bideo on my channel ☺️ hv you watch it? its for those yang nak bergaya tapi taknak keluarkan bajet banyak 😅❤️🌹 every piece of clothes only cost me RM5 sahaja hahaha well enjoyyyyy #bundle #mixandmatch #bundlechallenge #panamadance #gadiscantik #gadiscendol #zalora @zaloramy
🔥orange makeup look #makeuptutorial
swatches & review video for @feverglam.my my faveret is le FD tak putih tepung weh 🌹& their lipmatte ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Products used: 
1. Fever Glam Acne Fighting Foundation RM56 comes with 2 codes; Moonlight (medium-light); Desert Rose (medium-dark)
2. Unicorn Blending Sponge RM19
3. Fever Glam Liquid Matte Lips RM36 with 9 colours to choose!
4. Limited Edition Ultimate Eyeliner Set : RM46

Add on RM10 for new released 2 in 1 marker eyeliner! #feverglam #feverglammalaysia #feverglammattelips full video testing out this beauties is on my channel! enjoy! 😊
goodnight cinta 🌹
if you think that living so far from ur baby would be easy, i tell you what, its not 😔 YT really an escapism for me at the first place
looking so serious in this photo tapi sebenarnya im just thinking about having nasi panas telur goreng cicah budu je 📸 @annuarizwan
never hv i ever received such a beautiful package! its very lovely with @bioessence_my 24k Gold Cleanser & Gold Water 💧 in it, looks very refreshing cant wait to try it #thankyou @bioessence_my & @nuffnangmy #nuffnang #bioessencemy they contact me thru my blog as i thought was no use updating it since there is not much traffic from there 😅 i only post my #ootd picture & personal thought 💭