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grow & supply premium Lawn Solutions instant turf varieties direct to the public in Melbourne with 30 years' experience call 03 9730 1128

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🌱🌻Light Spring Fertilise “Light” being the operative word here. It’s a great time to give your lawn a kick-start into summer but don’t get carried away. You want to be rid of those weeds first before feeding them as well and overfeeding at this time of year may not produce desired results with the warmth and light intensity not quite there yet for your lawn to perform to its best.

A light dusting of either organic or inorganic fertiliser at the specified label rate will give your lawn the boost it needs.  The warmer days and nights are the major trigger now for growth your lawn has been looking for.

It’s a good idea to get a few mows-in first then assess the weed and lawn-growth situation and then further address fertiliser needs.

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🌼💧Spring Watering:

This time of the year requires minimal additional top-up watering other than natural rainfall, dependent on your soil and location.  It’s a great time of year to start training your lawn to be less-dependent on being frequently-watered; so easy does it.

You can look at increasing water application if it’s dry over coming weeks, but a minimalist approach to watering will often be rewarded with a healthier lawn, with stronger, deeper roots heading towards the extremes of summer.

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Share your classic mowing outfit 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 Spring Mowing Tips:
Avoid scalping your lawn if you’ve let it get away over winter. Try and take the leaf-height down progressively over a few mows. Wait until you’ve got good growth for any scalping or scarifying.

Getting on top of your mowing routine is essential for the long term success of your lawn. Regular mowing will keep you lawn looking smooth, healthy and will minimise weeds that may pop up by cutting them prior to setting seed.

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Our New Online Store is now open! 
To celebrate it's arrival, we are giving away a year's worth of fertiliser with every residential turf order. 
Please go online to find out more:
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Make sure you send in your photos to be in the running for the monthly home owner’s #competition.

The winner will receive a #beautiful bottle of wine and a year worth of #Lawnsolutions Premium #Fertiliser.

Send us in your favourite photo of your established lawn through our page or to

Don’t forget to include your name, phone number and date of purchase along with your photo so we can be sure to contact the monthly #winner.🏡🏡
We have been hard at work to create a brand new online store. 
Our new online store will be open soon for all our Landscapers and homeowners to make ordering turf a breeze! Stay tuned!
Next day delivery options with our freshly cut turf 🚛

We harvest out of our various Victorian farm locations almost every day of the week therefore, if you place the order before 10am, we can generally deliver your Lilydale Instant Lawn to you the next day. *conditions apply. 
For our busy delivery days, we recommend you get your order in early.

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Grand Final Hours 😎🏆 On Friday the 29th of September we will be delivering our famous Qwelts out around Melbourne, get your order in soon as this day will fill up fast. Our office will be closed on Friday the 29th and will re-open on Monday the 2nd of October were our delivery's will continue as normal.
Congratulations!! Paul from Lilydale you have won the home owners competition for the month of August.
You have won a year’s worth of Lawn Lovers Premium Fertiliser and a beautiful bottle of wine from the Yarra Valley. :)
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🛫 Garry and Candice from Lilydale Instant Lawn have travelled to Queensland for the Lawn Solutions Australia National Marketing Day. 🛫

There are over 50 LSA turf growers attending this marketing conference.

Together we will be using our collective wisdom to grow and develop our brand, products and services.

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