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3 More Dayz Johnny Blanco Story Vol2. “I Fly out to Charlotte for Pol see David and Nu they on Go” @nustillaintplaying @montagnards_illest @pol #L2H #LilYella song: Watch prod: @lakeith82 Mix and Mastered: @dbmixing_inc
This going to be an epic night in Baton Rouge Louisiana at @clubbellanoche then it’s LSU first game day. The Whole city coming out for this 1 here. @lilyellaking Album Release party 🎉 hosted by @kingtlo225 and Performance by @maxminelli @itslevelbaby @tbo225 @da_real_sam_i_am @iam_scoobjones just added my young in’s @idomhy_shyt and @1036_chuck Special Guest Celebrity Jeweler @jimmyxboi @younga_l2h @ko_kustom @grasa100 @koreywitha__k @nolimitgangsta @bogotti223 @grizzzzlybear_ @cityempirewingz @kmg.marc_12254 @mr._topshelf @l2hfattslim_mr.fuckhowyoufeel @kell_1000 @225tchi_public_figure_realist @godjblack @godjbobby @dj_bootsie @qgoodlife @king.chaysuh many more..... Friends and family fans All come join us so many can’t remember the names y’all get the point #L2H #BellaNoche #BatonRouge #Louisiana #225 #BR 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 September 7th
Push it to the Limit ft @thaivg454 one of the hardest motivation song on the album.  Part 5 will be shot in Portland. Johnny Blanco Story Vol.2 #L2H #454 #Gangland #TEAMJosh23 @23.eraa
Since everybody love this song so much and we never dropped it I’ve decided to put on my album to keep my bro @pacman_viccz name floating since he’s incarcerated. Meet the Plug Remix with @bizzy_nawf @lilyellaking even tho it was the original it’s cool it’s timing for everything. Love y’all niggaz Southside we got the drip and “WE STILL GOT SUMPN TO SAY” #L2H #ATL2BR 🔥🔥🔥 Good music never expires!!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨#FREEPACMANVICCZ #2020
Tag a road Dogg that wanna see you win and the other way around. @ko_kustom #L2H #KoKustom ✊✊🏾🌎
Stay down til ya come up solid since day 1 never had to question my brotha @king.chaysuh 👌 #L2H #Grindstar #BR #OAK 8 More Dayz til it drops
I’m from 👌 BATON ROUGE where you from?? Drop your hood in comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
First pulled up to the scene where we from Glen Oaks Baton Rouge Louisiana. Part 2 1MoreYea with @kell_1000. Preciate everybody comin out. Your hood ain’t like ours know the deference this the jungle. Part 3 in Miami. Part 1 Intro link in my bio. Every video is a story in different cities. Behind the scenes by @l2hfattslim_mr.fuckhowyoufeel #L2H #Louisanimals #BatonRouge #BR #225 👌 HOME
9 More days Johnny Blanco Story Vol 2. Nothing like that southern sound. Big surprises on the way. Song:Pyrexxx mix and mastered by: @dbmixing_inc #L2H
September 7th Album Release Party at @clubbellanoche Baton Rouge we bringing the whole city out !!!!!! 10 more Days Johnny Blanco Story Vol2 drops. #L2H #Lilyella song:Upshxt @1036_chuck @idomhy_shyt @lilyellaking @kell_1000
11 More Days Johnny Blanco Vol 2. You rap what you see I rap what I lived. BR to ATL song:TrapMoney ft @future mix and mastered: @dbmixing_inc #L2H #Live2Hustle
12 More days Johnny Blanco Story Vol 2. 
New Video Out now link in bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️ song:Intro mix and master by: @dbmixing_inc #L2H #Live2Hustle #LilYella All major Platform