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hi im yaya n i turned 19 ystd yay 洶
still pretty sad i didn't get a nice pic on the camel so here's me on a pink dino... same same la hor 汾ェ汾ェ汾ェ #fmsindubai OUT!!! 沽「
2 more days of screaming/whining about dubai's weather 笘ク条沐・ #fmsindubai
get your very own xinyi x rach cards today @ $1 EACH!!!!!! CHEAP & RARE!!!!! FREE normal mail for fast deals!!!!! aka what i do @ intern 汳沛サ汳沛サ汳沛サ pls fund me im a poor intern tHX!!!
yay!!! 洟
we've reached hinterland!! thankyou partycomm 汳呆沽ュ to more baccarat sessions??? 沽
love you and miss you hmnngh aevox 汳 & 窶シク竣 thankful for erebus for the experience!!! i've enjoyed every moment of it & for that extra bit of pocket money沽俄仄ク erebus ah-woo泗交沛サ #crewiscool
older, taller and wiser!!!!!!!!!!!沁芋沁を沁Å沁
guess which 3 of the faces are photoshopped in!!!
worshipping my god, Cien.
(( i know the walls are diff colour ))
in black to mourn for our GPA!!!!!!!!!!
let's survive more hell days tgt, love yall汳