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It’s my beautiful moms birthday today and I thought I’d share with you how great she is. Throughout my whole pregnancy my mom called me every single day to check on me. When I had to be induced early she drove through the night to be by my side. She sat with me as I cried for 40 hours in labor. She stayed with me over night at the hospital so Matt could rest (and because he was sick). When I found out I had mono with a one month old she came immediately to help. She’s been there for me through every part of this journey (and my whole life, obvi) and now I get to see her be the best Mimi to my baby. It’s funny how much you appreciate your mom as you become one yourself. Revel says “come see us soon, we miss you!” Happy Birthday!✨
My favorite thing is to watch Matt and Revel. I can see the two of them growing a bond and falling in love with each other. Matt is so protective and gentle and playful and Revel is in awe of his daddy. No one can make Rev smile or giggle more than Matt. I would be jealous if it weren’t so dang cute. My freaking people. Mine. Today’s good. #revelhayes
My baby, my world 🐝 #revelhayes
8 years and counting — glad to know ya and to love ya, lyss.
these are a few of my favorite things
My boy is 2 months old today. He’s charming and sweet and out growing all his newborn clothes. I truly think he’s got a kindness about him even though he’s so young. He’s calm and the perfect fit in our lil fam. Love you, baby boy. #revelhayes
Climbed to the top of Enchanted Rock while the sun was rising was the perfect start to the day. It may have taken me awhile to get up there and I’m going to blame that on having a baby.... using that excuse while I can. 👊🏻
Baby love has had a very busy day! A little road trip, tagging along for senior photos, and visiting his aunts at work! He’s a wittle sweepy. Oh, and like this photo if you think Matt needs new shoes. #revelhayes
Revel is enjoying his guy time with his uncles and daddy and I’m loving this spring weather ✨🌸
Lunch with the boys. Ignore the way Matt holds his pizza. 🙈 #revelhayes
I’ve never been more proud to be a woman than I am now. Going through the process of having Revel really opened my eyes up to what women can do and only women. There’s a reason we were made to carry our children. We were trusted with keeping our world going, to keeping the human race alive. We go through our bodies changing, nearly a year of hard work, and then ending it with our bodies being cut open. It doesn’t even end there. While you’re healing, you hardly sleep because every sound your baby makes wakes you. Every cry is an alarm. And when you get a break from holding your little creation, you miss him. Because you’ve spent the last year of your life with him with you every second. Being a woman in this world comes with hardships but I’m choosing to ignore what some people have to say about us because I know the truth. We are strong. We are courageous. And we are the reason you exist.
Someone recently asked Matt and I if our nose rings were our wedding rings and before she let us reply she said “that’s so cute”. So she thinks we are those people. Whatevs, look how cute Revvy baby is. #revelhayes