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We had a doctors appointment today and I didn't see Matt's outfit until we were out the door and in a hurry. My poor son. This is his father. 🙈😂 #33weeks3days
My person. My guy. The love I have for Matt is overwhelming. We are inseparable, completely and utterly in awe of each other. Sometimes I'm so scared that our son will mess up this amazing thing we have going but then I remember this person we've created is us. A mixture of me and him. A product of our affection. I can't believe I get to be his wife and the mother of his child. I still think I'm dreaming sometimes. Any who, I'm feeling crummy today so I'm thinking about the good in my life and these are my current thoughts.
32 weeksssss. Ugh yes, I love that these weeks are going by quickly. I'm seriously smiling so big cuz it's December and that means my baby comes NEXT MONTH (or this month if he's eager). Also, felt this picture was appropriate - it was hanging at my baby shower last week and it's the truth. My poor little guy won't know color exists.
I miss these people so much. When I moved away my little sisters were 9 and 10 and now they're so grown (and tall) and I'm just like whaaats happening. I never appreciated family growing up as I do now. My mom and my sisters are my best friends. The people I share everything with. The people I trust and feel the most comfortable with. I think becoming a mom these last few months has made me even more aware of the importance of family and I'm so grateful to have these ladies in my life to share with my baby. And I'm also happy they welcomed a guy into the mix after it being only females for so many years. Now we're adding another male and the whole dynamic of our family is changing even more but I'm so excited for the future with my people.
30 weeks today!! I've been looking forward to this milestone for awhile now and I feel so accomplished. This whole growing a human thing is no joke. Got showered with gifts from my family today and I'm soooo excited to get home and get these goodies in my little loves room.
I'm not in focus but whatevs. Getting to visit Salvation Mountain was so so so cool. There's volunteers that actually live there just to make sure no one messes it up which is insane to me because there's nothing (and I mean nothing) near there. It's out in the middle of the dessert. It's a beautiful thing to see people dedicate their lives for something they love. I cannot wait to share these things with my children. I want to show them this world and I pray that are just as amazed by it as Matt and I are. I'm basically 3/4 of the way to meet my baby and I'm SO READY and so so pumped!
Yay for these friends coming to see us in Denton! Love these people and slowly trying to convince them to move here... 🤞🏻
Felt like I was one of the only ones here without children with me and then I remembered I had matt which is basically the same thing
Posting this to remember how sweet my boo is. I should be at a workshop with him right now but we had to get a hotel room for me instead because I am feeling so awful. I told him I could use some food and within 10 minutes he had something for me at the door. Though this has been so hard, it's made me fall so much more in love with my husband.
California just gives me life. It brings out a side of me that I love and a side I needed to see in this hard season. We debated coming on this trip so much, even while sitting on the plane we were unsure if we were making the right decision. But we made it. And I've been sick and we move slowly but I love exploring this world and sometimes stepping away from reality helps. Matt thought this broken bench was really cool and made me take this picture. I'm kinda digging the tree.
Hello, third trimester! We've been waiting for you ✨ 27 weeks down, 13ish to go!
Paris was beautiful and I'm amazed at the experiences we are given through our job. Though I spent the morning throwing up in the airport parking lot (LOL my life) I'm excited for this neck of the trip. Hello again, Ireland.