wife to my best friend, @mbreeezy, and mama to our little babe, revel hayes.

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Living my best life this weekend with some of my favorite girly pops. We had an 80’s murder mystery night tonight.... I used Dwight’s approach and accused the person I most medium suspected.
I loooove photobooths. This one made me laugh so hard. It was Revels first time and he didn’t seem to love it so much (swipe left) 😂
My favorite people on the planet. These two make me so freaking happy. We are back in Texas and excited to sleep in our cozy bed tonight but we are missing that cool air and those tall trees. Until next time, PNW. See you again real soon. 
Shout out to @pineapple_daydream for snapping this for us ✨
I feel pretty in this picture. I’ve been struggling lately because I lost a lot of weight while pregnant (throwing up every day will do that to ya) and I’ve gained it back and more. Because of my insecurities increasing, I’ve struggled more with anxiety and being social. But this trip has reminded me that the world is kind (or that it can be), and so beautiful, and that these are the best days I’ll look back on when my kids are grown. Matt and I are eating better and exercising because our main goal is to give our kids the best childhood and insecurities get in the way of that. I never want to be the mom that doesn’t want to be in pictures because of the way I look, or can’t play because I’m too tired. I want to be healthy and fun and the best mom I can be. Here’s a lot of words to go a long with a picture I like of myself.
Y’all remember when Michael Jackson held his baby over a balcony? This reminded me of that but also this was way safer.
Portland seems to be just as excited for Revel to be here as we are! This was cool. Rev didn’t think so - it was nap time. Hopefully he’ll appreciate it later.
We made it! Hello, Oregon. I missed you so much and I’ve brought a special guest to show off your beauty.
Tomorrow we are headed on another adventure and I’m very excited to have Revel in my arms instead of in my belly. I’m even more excited to show him one of my favorite places. Any guesses where we are jetting off to?
Revel’s ‘rents.
Revel is at such a fun age. He’s almost 6 months and more curious and interactive than ever. I love showing him the world already even if it’s just a small glimpse.
My little boy. #revelhayes