wife to my best friend, @mbreeezy, and mama to our little babe, revel hayes.

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This trip to SF was so fun. So sweet. We brought my mom along to watch Rev while we shot a wedding (the most fun wedding ever) and then yesterday her and I explored alone together. It was fun to have my mom to myself and see her experience a new city. Traveling is good for the soul and traveling with the ones you love most is good for the heart. Leaving here refreshed. 🙌🏻
These pictures are definitely getting harder since this kid can’t be still anymore. Revel is going through so many changes right now. He’s got two teeth coming in, he’s trying to stand on his own, and always trying to get into everything. I’m getting a glimpse of the crazy child I think he’ll be. He’s curious and fearless and so dang cute. I miss going to stores and not having people talk to me all the time but I guess I get it, he’s adorable. He’s 26 pounds, pray for my arms.
My child is an actual angel.
Rev got to be a little baby model today for @kytebaby ✨💕
“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore” ♥︎ ♥︎ #revelhayes #mamawithrev
We’ve had some good days and some sucky days lately (real talk) but at least we’ve had days together. Love these guys of mine.
This was a month ago but I’m still obsessed with these pictures. Already planning his first birthday party. Too soon? Nope.
My little sunshine 🌞
Revel in his new room ✨
My Revel Hayes is 7 months old today! He’s still just as kind and sweet but now he’s got a little sass. We think we’ve got a tooth coming in so the clinginess is at an all time high but at least he’s cute. This is the last monthly picture we’ll take at our little apartment and it’s a little bittersweet but mostly sweet! 🙌🏻
We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time!! Today’s a very big day for our family! Stay tuned, we’ll share what we are doing later on ;)