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❁︎ follower of Jesus ❁︎ married to @mbreeezy & mama to revel hayes ❁︎ picture taker for @localembers ❁︎ probably at home rearranging ✨

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Parenting can be hard and marriage can be hard and doing both at the same time can be very very hard but we have struggled through both with every intention to love each other well. Matt surprised me with flowers today, my favorite meal, and lots of kindness. I may have spent half the night crying (because we are trying to stop night feedings and Rev isn’t happy) but joy comes in the morning amiright? 💕
The cutest coffee shop there ever was
Revels ornament came in the mail and it’s got me feeling all these mushy mama feelings 🎄❤️
Curious crawling baby VS the Christmas tree... who will win... we’ll keep you posted. 🎄
Just found this picture in my camera roll and I’m just like 😍😍. Also wondering why he sleeps so peacefully during the day and cries so much at night... these teething nights will be the death of me.
My green eyed boy.
There’s a cute little bear in my living room 🐻
God has given me a love for trees (like I cry sometimes when they look so beautiful). I love them even more in the fall, especially when they’ve turned red, and this morning we saw that our house had two of them. I feel loved by God a little extra this season. 🍁🍂🍁
Sink baths are my fave because it doesn’t kill my back ;) also he looks cute and the light is cool
Revels been in a daddy’s boy phase and it’s fine because it’s so cute.
My boy is 10 months old today. He is the sweetest human, he loves cuddles, is always giving kisses, and just wants to be close with everyone (especially his daddy). I've always seen a certain kindness in him and I still continue to see that grow. He's getting 6 teeth at the moment and not loving that but he's still my sweet boy. We are beyond happy to be his parents. Also, how socially acceptable is it to send out 1st bday invites two months early? 🙃