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Happy 26th to my best girl. You're friendship means the world to me and I'm so thankful to have had you by my side through some of the most important times of my life. You deserve all the love and I hope you feel it a little extra today. You're important, fierce, strong, brilliant, creative, and all things good. Keep being you. Miss you daily. Love you big. ✨💕
Paris was beautiful and I'm amazed at the experiences we are given through our job. Though I spent the morning throwing up in the airport parking lot (LOL my life) I'm excited for this neck of the trip. Hello again, Ireland.
Just finished our last day in Paris. I will miss the cool air, fall trees, and beautiful buildings but I definitely won't miss living on the 8th floor with no elevator and a 5 month preggo belly.
Me and my son in Paris. #21weeks
It's our last night here in London. This is such a beautiful place. The buildings are unreal. Tomorrow we are off to Paris! ✨
Still in London but didn't leave our Airbnb today. Rest is hard when all you wanna do is go go go but my body needed it and so did my mind. I felt weak tonight and immediately the lyric "I may be weak, but you're spirit's strong in me. My flesh may fail but my God you never will" came to mind. It helped me feel at peace. Though we're on this amazing adventure, I'm still in this body that's struggling but to know I'm not alone is a wonderful feeling. I've been so reminded of God's love for me lately. I see it so clearly through Matt and through my pregnancy and through life in general. Days are so hard but life is so good. Feeling grateful tonight even though my day didn't go as planned. That's all for today. 🖤
HE'S SO CUTE and I'm about to have a mini version of him. We were both so convinced we were having a girl so now that the shock is wearing off, I'm PUMPED. I'm obsessed with my husband, I can't even imagine how obsessed I'll be with my baby boy. Now let's all pray our babe has his dimples! #imserious #prayfordimples 🙏🏼🙏🏼
MY PEOPLE. So thankful they drove all the way here to find out I'm having a BOY. This little guy is about to be super out numbered by ladies but he'll be so spoiled I doubt he'll notice!
Update on me! I'm doing much better today. I slept until about 4 (I know, ridiculous) but I think moving and unpacking was a little too much for me (and I hardly lifted a finger). Anyway, they gave me some medicine and it's really helped. We go to the OB tomorrow and that's when they will find the gender and put it in an envelope for us to see on Saturday! EEK! Ready to stop calling this baby an it. PS I'm aware that I've been complaining a lot on social media these last few months but honestly I don't think people understand how hard pregnancy can be. I felt so alone until I started being vocal and so many could relate. I'm just wanting the reality of it to be out there and talked about. Love on your pregnant friends. 👊🏻💕
Currently at the hospital. Everything is probably alright, I'm just struggling and my pain is worse than normal. Gosh, guys. I couldn't do this without Matt. This has been the hardest and most depressing experience. We've felt so much joy, believe me, we are already so in love with our little one. We are just more than ready to meet our babe. Every day is hard. Some days harder than others but every day is hard. Matt has been the most patient and sweetest person. The most loving and giving. I knew he was great but I had no idea he had this in him. Anyway. I'm rambling. I'm exhausted. My husband is the best. Everyone needs a Matt Brown. Oh! And they just did a sonogram and I saw my baby and I'm crying happy tears. I know it's all worth it. Okay, crazy preggo out. #18weeks
Me running down HWY 1 away from this plane back to Texas #idontwannaleave
This baby isn't a shy one (I mean, it's Matt's child). Always making its presence known. I like having a little sidekick. #18weeks