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My loss is your gain 🙃. Head over to @chopcult, look for this image and tag your bff to win free tickets for the Motorcycle Film Festival. You and your friend will receive tickets to the three-day event, an event t-shirt, limited edition poster and pin. The  winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon. Best of luck! Big thanks to my #bff Elisa ❤️ ( @elisaseeger /@aidanjackseegerfoundation) for making this giveaway possible. The #motorcyclefilmfestival is located in the Wythe Hotel Screening Room in Brooklyn, NY on #september 20-23, 2017. #chopcult #5thannualmff #brooklyn #newyork #chopcultgiveaways #supportthosewhosupportyou
Josh Allison (@joshua8787 / @crybabycycles) has built himself another sweet ride. Thanks for allowing me to feature it on @chopcult. Keep up the great work my friend 👊 #chopcult #harleydavidson #shovelhead #chopcultfeatures #chopcultcontributor
Easy like a #sunday #morning :-)
The neighborhood is quiet, the weather is awesome, and dinner is already in the oven. I call this a #goodday. I hope life is treating you well. ❤️🌻❤️
I need employees who don't nap during weekly meetings. Have a great weekend :-)
Happiness is having the doors and windows open all day. ❤️🌻❤️ #thegoodlife
Big thanks to Benny (@bigmfbenny) and Anthony (@cookerindy) for today's @chopcult feature. You guys rule! Check out their coverage for the Reunion Motorcycle Show (@thereunionindy) on ✌️#thereunionindy #tbt #bennystucker #33member #thankyou #chopcult #honda #youmeetthenicestpeopleonahonda
It's awesome to witness my brother Tom continue to work on Dad's Starfire. I know in my heart that Dad is smiling ear to ear seeing the car on the road. Dad and Tom worked on the car from time to time before Dad's health declined. Dad's hat remains in the car, so he is always cruising with his buddy. Keep up the great work Tom. (I would tag him, but he doesn't use social media.) #olinlane #oldsmobile #starfire #brother
Three years ago I lost my father who was my best friend, my cheerleader, and my hero. I was in a fog for more than a year and struggled to move forward. Many people helped me through this journey, but many chose to hit the unfriend button. I guess they saw my mourning as a weakness but what's the sense of using social media if you can't be your real self. Was I weak? Hell yes, I was. Do I continue to have days that hurt like hell? Yes, I do. Three years later my mind still wanders from time to time, and I still have moments of sheer depression. But I also have days filled with laughter and happiness so I'll take the good with the bad.

This morning I was greeted to texts from my immediate family giving each other strength. We were always a tight knit family, but today our bond is stronger than ever. I'm thankful for each one of them. I am also thankful to those who remain present; I am a better person because of you. Your friend, Lisa
Big thanks to Jason (@motopsycho73) and Dan (@dangerdanimal) for today's article. Give them both a follow and check out their feature on @chopcult #chopcult #harleydavidson #panhead #fourspeedmayhem #4SM #forevertwowheels
Please support my friends at the @heroes_run on Sunday. It's been a pleasure working with @wizardsbane, @butterfingerboy, and @rudyhlopez over the years. #heroesrunva