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4" plank hardwoods laid on the diagonal....adding to the "if we ever build a house" mental file 😍 #ihavethisthingwithfloors
So.many.choices. And I want them all!
Hello my sweets!! I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend! We had GORGEOUS weather so we tinkered around the yard a bit and did a little cleaning up from the winter. Dusk was so beautiful on Saturday night, we had to have a glass of wine out here fireside, until the teenagers took it over 😄 Today I compiled all the tutorials for DIYing the pea stone patio and fire pit into one post, get all the details here ➡️ @lisashineyourlight ! Happy Outdoor Weather my friends!!!! ☀️🌸🍹🔥🌙✨
When you're trying to figure out a carpentry dilemma and you come across your own tutorial on Pinterest. Oh - so I guess I know how to do this?? 😂 #senile
Hannah and her friend Riley off to the prom last night. First of three for our house this spring! 🌸Happy Saturday friends!
Well it's official!! I've lost my marbles!! Jumping into the #oneroomchallenge with both feet, despite the fact that I have yet to finish my mudroom reno 😬 Already pulled all the old trim off the bathroom walls, it's go time!! Best wishes fellow crazy people!! 👊🏻
Every first Wednesday of the month I get together with @drivenbydecor @pamsimpledetails and @jenniferdimplesandtangles for #myfivefavorites - a new topic each time. This month @southernrhoda joins us to dish about our all time favorite IKEA items in our own homes - it's wild how IKEA can help stretch the budget - and these ladies know how to make "affordable" look amazing!!! Stop by the blog to see the best of IKEA in my house! (The link is right here ➡️ @lisashineyourlight)
I found the cutest little indoor/outdoor rug for the little seating area in my kitchen. It feels like cotton but is actually polyester and can be sprayed clean with a hose (hopefully). I'm  totally smitten with it and am wondering how long it will last in this house where I am routinely overheard saying "this is why we can't have nice things!!!" #kids #lovethem #buttheyaremessy 😄
Hello new week! This weekend I made cabinet doors for our little mudroom with scraps from my garage..... including a keyboard shelf I took out of a desk long ago 😄. A little trim, a little primer, all ready for some paint today, and then the mudroom will be doooone! Just in time for the #oneroomchallenge and a new room makeover to start! 😆 Who's in this round??!
Happy Monday friends!! I am totally ignoring the snow that is STILL outside my window, and joining a bunch of friends to share spring tablescapes today!!! Because eating + friends + music + candlelight + mimosas + springtime just so happen to be some of my favorite things!! Stop by the blog to check out the Trader Joe's score that inspired this brunch table 😄 🌿🌱🌿 ➡️ @lisashineyourlight 🌿🌱🌿 and don't miss the pretty tables by the amazing ladies I tagged!
The first day of spring, the sun is shining and the snow is mellllllting!!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 AND it's #internationalhappinessday !! My Hannah is going to be beyond HAPPY to come home to this comfy cream puff of a bed after school and lacrosse tryouts.....the finishing touches of her never-ending teen-to-tween room makeover is on the blog today! ➡️ @lisashineyourlight 😃Hope you're having a happy day!! 😊
Good morning and belated sláinte to friendship, loyalty and love! 💚☘️💚 Hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day whether you're Irish or not! A bit o'green for you......the #1 most unexpectedly awesome transformation to our 80s fixer upper.....painting our garage steps! I've painted them twice now and they're currently the green version, which is great for muddy workboots as well as the HAPPY factor  it provides! Slide to see these stairs pre-paint, so miserable to look at every day, why live with ugly? Paint is seriously the most bang for your home improvement bucks!! Have a great day knocking things off your to-do list today friends! #sherwinwilliams #cilantro #swcolorlove