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You guys let me tell you, there is NOTHING like a momma sad about her babies going off to college to get a house properly cleaned! Since 2/3 of my kids went to school a week or so ago I’ve purged their two bedrooms, plus 3 closets, the pantry and even tackled my huge wall of bookcases!!! I know that last one is a daunting task for many of us but with a few simple tricks it can be conquered! Today I’m throwing down a few tips for making bookcases less chaotic and more cohesive, along with @jenniferdimplesandtangles , @pamsimpledetails and @dwellingsbydevore - this is a good one for those of you who are fall cleaning now that your munchkins are back to school too! You can find the link here ➡️ @lisashineyourlight ❤️
So....this happened! Our baby girl off to her first year of college 6 states and 1 capital away, the same weekend our oldest went back to school in Vermont. I thought it might be easier with the second one, but not so much!! All I’ve ever told them is that the world is a great big amazing place filled with all sorts of beautiful people and adventures to be had....but what I really meant was let’s all go hide under the covers on my bed and read Is Your Mama A Llama with a flashlight for the millionth time🤣Sending lots of love to all you mamas that are letting your babes go off to kindergarten or high school or college or the real world!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
The hydrangeas on the Cape are ahhhmazing this year! On this side of the bridge (specifically my yard!!) not so much.....I currently have a total of two blossoms on 5 bushes! 🤣
The spirea I planted around our pea stone patio has really started growing in this year, and it blooms for ages too. It’s surprisingly hardy for such a delicate looking plant! Today I’m sharing a few favorite tips, tools and perennials from the garden and this happy little number definitely makes the list! Come check them out via the link here ➡️ @lisashineyourlight  and don’t miss 20 more garden winners and recommendations from @pamsimpledetails 🌿 @jenniferdimplesandtangles 🌿 @drivenbydecor and @kelly.elko for July’s #myfivefavorites !
Wasn’t this a crazy week with the 4th right in the middle? I finally got out of holiday mode and wrote a post about this art hack I did for the #oneroomchallenge .....I’m not much of an artist but I’m always up for a good DIY challenge! I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job anytime soon 😄 but it’s better than the generic piece I started with. Maybe 🤣
This pretty spot called The Knob is in Woods Hole on the Cape. My niece and her husband got engaged here and their wedding reception overlooked it too. One of my favorite little details from their wedding was having them come up with a list of all their favorite places around the Cape and Islands and using them to name the tables rather than numbers....Quisset Harbor, Menemsha,Tarpaulin Cove. Swipe left left to see their cute little sweetheart table and check out the blog for the seating chart using all these pretty places. In the third picture you’ll see my niece’s bouquet; it has a photo locket on the ribbon with a picture of my brother Jim , so sweet 💕 Thank you to the talented Matt @Shotbysurette for the beautiful photos from this day!
Last night Mark and I went to the #cvscharityclassic gala, an event that has raised over $21 million for non-profits in southern New England. I loved how the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI was transformed with gorgeous crystal chandeliers, white (IKEA) lanterns and gorgeous flowers everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling! As a former event planner I have such an appreciation for how much work goes into a night like this....kudos to everyone behind the scenes that made it such a beautiful night and raised a ton of money for some amazing organizations!
Since our deck needs some major TLC this summer, the only flower pots I’ve planted so far are these two urns by the front door and they are blooming like crazy!!! Makes peony season being over so fast a little easier 😄 Hope you have something fun ahead of you this weekend!! 🌸🌺🌿 #liketkit Download the app to shop this pic via screenshot!
The last of the peonies! They were so plentiful and gorgeous this year!!! 🌸
How excited are you that it's Friday???? Tomorrow my cutie pie nephew is coming for the weekend.....we haven't seen him in months and can't wait to squish him in this very spot!! And also the requisite making of slime, building a huge fire in the fire pit, eating 10000 s'mores, losing against him in cards, hearing stories about his many girlfriends (he's 9 😄), spying his sweet little self sleeping in Hannah's huge bed, making chocolate chip pancakes with him Sunday morning and hearing the cutest laugh ever when his older cousins are hanging him by his feet. 😃😃😃 Hope you have something fun ahead of you this weekend too! #myrfstyle #mybhghome #currenthomeview #mydecorvibe #makehomeyours
One of my favorite DIY updates so far! 💙 (Swipe to see what I started with 😆) This week I put all the parts of this project into one post - if a fireplace makeover is on your own house bucket list, you can find the link in my profile here! 👉🏻 @lisashineyourlight 💙
"When the morning light comes streaming in, we get up and do it again. Amen." 🌸☀🌸 Hope you have a beautiful day!