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Collecting them all like Pokémon. ⚡️ Now all I need are the 3’s. The 1’s and 4’s from the pack don’t come in kid sizes but should I get them anyways to complete the set? 😳 #PoshMark #PickUp #Prelude2s
Shout goes out to @NIKE, checks all over me. ⚡️
What are you copping this weekend?!
you make everyday great 💖 valentine’s day or not you just being YOU is enough for me. ⚡️ @sneakerheadinthebay
2001 meets 2018 ❤️🔥
*stares awkwardly into the distance* 🌝
HEHEHEHE. 🧀✌🏼😸✌🏼🧀
pick your poison 🔥
something different today. 🦄
Left or Right? 👽 What pair are you looking forward to drop again?
Today’s Vibes 💎
Shirt: @aconceptproject 
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If you are in the phoenix area feel free to come to First Friday tonight in down town! I will be there with @malenygshop 💖