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Playin at @antonesnightclub this Friday opening for @carperfamilyband it's a big deal, you better go probably.
Dreaming with @kablaising
I have one more show here at @folk_alliance at 11:00pm in room #749 yay new friends. 汳 沒ク: @namesayersofficial
@endofanear and I used to be neighbors and now thanks to urban progress we are once again.  This Sunday at 5pm let us swoon and maroon you amongst the stacks of delightful goodies. 汨嬉沛シ汨嬉沛シsupport your hometown record shops and purveyors of sound. 汨嬉沛シ汨嬉沛シ
Thanks everyone at @folk_alliance who's been helping me keep social anxiety at a dull roar, I'm having a good time.  I'm really excited to play for you at the Wolverton and the amazing @fayettevilleroots room this fine evening.  Come say hi 1:00am room #749 and 2:00am room #643
Me vibez//RR vibez
If anyone is at @folk_alliance and wants to (((((((know)))))))) 02.14 room 610 11:00pm
02.15 room 749 1:00am 
02.15 room 643 2:00pm 
02.17 room 749 11:00pm 沒ク: @kablaising
Happy Valentine's Day. 沒ク: @drumrug @topgirlproductions
Best road dog
Playing TONIGHT in big D and TOMORROW NIGHT in funky town.  See you soon 沽
banjos, saws, and dogs in sweaters went to a real magical place. Thanks to @webbgallery for having us and @hushpuppy_cowtown for this picture.