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Self love is weird. How it eludes when you need it most.  Anywho.  This little being tries and sometimes succeeds.
More strange desert magic tonight, Joshua Tree.  7pmish @wildlifefreeway releases some new music, MTN GRL plays. Tarot readings by @blind_stallion_space_wizard  and on top of that, a sweet visit for us to @goldenarrowjoshuatree  DM me for show address. 📸: @manewitz
The Octobass. Little Mazarn pictured for scale. #octobass 📸: @telephonejeff
Tucson you were especially very special. 💕💕 thank you so much to @exoroastco such a beautiful space, @catsphotoshoot for sounds, @caseygoldenband ✨✨✨✨✨ and @faunus_sonorensis for the 🌱 📸: @catsphotoshoot  It's so so hot, see ya tonight Phoenix. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Still gooooooooooooing. Cya tonight Tucson!
The desert chaps my entire face.  Playing a really special show in Santa Fe tonight, swipe for details and invite all your artsy aunts.
Attempt at tourism. #riograndegorge Playing at @taosmesabrewing tonight.
Found it.
New Mexico so metal. 📸: @manewitz
Playing at @parseseco in Taos tonight come out all you New Martians 👽
New Mexico spaceship building
Aspirational house show magic.