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album release show December 15 at central Presbyterian church

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I can't believe this adventure has come to an end.  Playing some songs at this thanggg including a special appearance by some of the brothers Mcmercy. Sweet poster by @batdogpress
Lubbock lights.
And just like that, I made an art Instagram. My brain is officially cloven in 2.  I'll still probably post some art stuff on here because I can't help my goddamn self but if you want to follow my other personality, her name is @batdogpress
Thank you @tinymixtapes for premiering 'My 歹 is All Around You.' I wrote this song for my little pal TJ, ever watchful for squirrels and snacks.  Link to listen in profile.
I'd like to thank my incredible stylist @littlemazarn for this haircut.  I feel so free.
Ghost wolfie Carly//Montana snow queen Christy Hays//vaguely asthmatic Little Mazarn tonight at Hole in the Wall starting at 9pm.  Feel better soon @jaimeeharris we love you
Thanks Canada for the sweetest people, the political sympathy, the vegan donuts, awesome shows, and this Ultimate Canadia wooly shirt.  Big ups to @projectatx6 and Chris Brecht for fighting the good fight.  I am a huge fan of @torinoblackband @aceymonaro @croyandtheboys and @otisthedestroyer :: @dmfreeman
@aceymonaro in the first snow of the year... which apparently is only exciting to us.
What is all this????????? 梗梗梗梗梗梗梗梗梗 I'm in Toronto, come to my show tonight at the @thedakotatavern at midnight or at Cameron House at 6pm tomorrow and it's 18 degrees what is this madness.
Here it is.  If you preorder a ticket to this show (**link in profile**) a hand numbered copy of this poster will be yours.  Otherwise you will have to peel one off a telephone pole and good luck bc Ima wheatpaste that schizz. 歹歹歹歹
Slowly but surely. Ticket link in profile. Get em while you can.  Letterpress poster for every ticket preorder.
Coyote. EAST.