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Happy #Caturday! 😸🍪🍰🥧☕️
Introducing our new ice cream sando, request for fig anything by @honeybeemorelli (you’ve got a FREE sandwich waiting for you); honey fig ice cream with a brown sugar orange zest cookie (fig jam made in house). Another @annalisagram creation, our ice cream mastermind, modeled after our Figgington! 😍💕
#honeyicecream #figjam #brownsugarcookie #honeyfigicecream #annalisahasdoneitagain #icecreamsandos #littleredsbakeshop
Twinkle twinkle little cat, how I wonder where you’re at... 💫 #sugarcookiesoftheweek #sweetambsinspired #galaxycatcookies #constellationcatcookies
When your spend your day with @minnieandgeorge, you just might create and finish your very own shoe design (the example I referenced is in the next photo). So flippin’ excited about these. Not too shabby for my first time. Thank you, Lori 💕
NEW! Strawberry Balsamic ice cream with chocolate wafer cookie sandos! Available now until they’re gone and @annalisagram makes a new flavor. What’s your favorite ice cream? Maybe we’ll choose yours, and gift you a free ice cream sandwich for the amazing idea. 😁
We are BOOKED through the end of next week for all special orders! And filling up fast in the weeks to come! Thank you for keeping us so busy 🙏
🍰 by @karalee5
Neopolitan “Baked Alaska” is our #minicakeFriday selection! Chocolate cake, strawberry ice cream and white cake layered together and covered in toasted meringue! Perfect cool treat for these 🔥🔥🔥 days. Come and get it! #neopolitancake #bakedalaska #karaleesminis #littleredsbakeshop
PSA: we might close early pending the heat, by 1:30-2pm. Sorry for any inconvenience. Much love 💕
When I was a kid and my mom took me grocery shopping, I always begged for the yellow smiley face sugar cookie from the bakery case (every once in awhile I got one). I’ve been thinking a lot of those nostalgic times lately, and thought I’d share it with all of you for this weeks #sugarcookiesoftheweek! #valrhonachocolate smiley face cookies sure to put anyone in a good mood. 🙂 Available starting tomorrow!
#smilecookie #littleredsbakeshop #whippingupnostalgia
My neighbor is constantly gifting us fresh produce, from berries to fresh Concord grape juice so good it will make reconsider ever drinking another juice in your life. The latest berry drop was enough marionberries to make two 9” pies and 10 hand pies! Of course, one of those 9” pies had his name written all over it. Portland still has some of that small town vibe I fell in love with over a decade ago. 💕 #lovethyneighbor #marionberrypie #pieforbreakfast #breakfastofchampions #dietstartsnever
It’s [ice cream] Sunday, and we are selling our #icecreamsandwiches at almost 1/2 off to make room for new flavors! We have Garden Mint Chip available. If that wasn’t sweet enough, we’re now offering a 10% discount to anyone who comes in on Timbers or Thorns game days wearing team gear, and it just so happens to be #portlandthorns game day! #sundayfunday starts now!
We are all drooling over @karalee5’s spiced peach mini bundts this morning! Stop in and grab one before they’re gone!
#minicakefriday #peachcake #littleredsbakeshop