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FALL. | Collecting dried chrysanthemums from the balcony to hold on to those autumn colors just a little while longer... ===~~~===
EXPECTATIONS. | Next blue book on my list...after being blown away by Didion's Year of Magical Thinking, I bought this on an impulse but had it tucked away for quite a love with the cover and full of anticipation...have any of you read this yet? ===~~~===
CHOICES. | Another blue book fascination...Zambra masterfully plays with the form of a standardized test, thereby creating a literary piece of art I've never encountered before, engaging the reader in a quiet discussion of thoughts, concepts and ideas. Interested in battling with often absurd and baffling multiple choice options that drive you crazy and create intriguing thought trajectories at the same time? Then this is for you. ===~~~===
INFATUATED. | I have this thing for blue (books) lately...this work of art has blown my mind in so many ways, poetic and philosophical, heart-wrenching and hilarious all at the same time. A beautiful meditation on being, feeling, going blue. ===~~~===
WHIMSICAL SOUL. | Blind but kind? What do you see? ===~~~===
STARE. | Which way should we be looking? ===~~~===
DAZED. | We might need a little more summer of love spirit to get over last night's debacle... ===~~~===
WAVE. | One last, minimal impression of that sea bridge that claims to hold an adventure for you... ===~~~===
WINDOW. | Room with a view...hiding from the wind in a little nook at Seebrücke Heiligenhafen... ===~~~===
BLUE. | Rest on a blue wave and gaze at the horizon... ===~~~===
CONTRAST. | Bring together the minimalistic environment of a gallery with an equally minimalistic - or perhaps contrarily chaotic - element of nature. What do you get? ===~~~===
WINDOWS. | That framed look at the world outside... ===~~~===