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"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?" Oscar Wilde
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MESSAGE. | How the world might look like, if we all lived by this just a little more. Lieb sein = Be nice. ===~~~===
EDGES. | Favourite fall perspectives, part III... ===~~~===
MINIMAL AUTUMN. | Favourite fall perspectives, part II... ===~~~===
LOOKING UP. | Favourite fall perspectives, part I... ===~~~===
EVERLASTING. | Next to creating individual ceremonies for our couples, I'll also be blogging about all things love for Glückhochzwei @glueck_hoch2 ...pop by on our website {link in bio}  to check out my latest post on the why behind wedding rings and the numerous ways of turning this classic but highly emotional part of almost every wedding ceremony into your individual symbol of love. And if you're into love stories, do stay in touch and updated by following our Instagram feed @glueck_hoch2 💕🙏🏻... ===~~~=== Unter Glückhochzwei werden wir auch bloggen - und zwar darüber, wie die unterschiedlichsten Traditionen, Symbole und Rituale eure Hochzeit besonders machen können. Schaut doch mal vorbei {link in bio} letzten Post geht es um das Warum hinter Trauringen und wie man das universelle Symbol zu seinem ganz eigenen macht. Und wenn ihr Lust auf mehr habt, könnt ihr auf unserem Instagram Feed @glueck_hoch2 auf dem Laufenden bleiben. Wir freuen uns über Besuch. ===~~~===
MOMENTS. | The greatest gift of this new experience with Glückhochzwei @glueck_hoch2 is being part of our couples' special moments - their deepest promises, their joyous celebrations, their playful banter, that heartfelt kiss...💕 We feel so blessed to get to know wonderful people and their stories by joining them in part of their journey. If you're planning to tie the knot next year, do reach out to us: We still have a couple of free spots in 2018. 🤗 ===~~~=== Mit unserem Projekt Glückhochzwei @glueck_hoch2 ist das größte Geschenk für uns, die besonderen Momente unserer Paare miterleben zu dürfen, tollen Menschen und ihren Geschichten zu begegnen und euch einfach auf einem Stück eurer Reise zu begleiten. Falls ihr nächstes Jahr Hochzeitspläne habt: Meldet euch gern, ein paar freie Termine haben wir noch 2018. ===~~~===
SWEET MEMORY. | Some of you have noticed I've been online a little less this summer and I feel blessed to have been missed. :) There has been a good reason though, a new heart project that my love @marcler and I have been playing with: As Glückhochzwei @glueck_hoch2 we join passions and help couples make their wedding day even more special with storytelling - pouring a couple's story and personality into their very own ceremony and capturing their sweet moments of the day in narrative pictures. No worries, this account will not be turning commercial, but I'm also really excited to be sharing what I've been up to... ===~~~=== Wo ich mich diesen Sommer rumgetrieben habe? Ein neues Herzensprojekt hat Form angenommen, in dem mein Mann @marcler und ich kreative Leidenschaften zusammenbringen: Als Glückhochzwei @glueck_hoch2 begleiten wir Paare an ihrem besonderen Tag - durch individuelle freie Trauungen, in denen sie und ihre Geschichte im Mittelpunkt stehen, und Bilder, die ihre besonderen Momente erzählerisch festhalten. Schaut doch mal vorbei. ===~~~===
PRECIOUS. | "We are treasure chests with more jewels inside than we can imagine." I. E. Onuoha ===~~~===
CLIPS. | Organize, don't agonize. ===~~~===
HOME. | #basicgermanwords Lieblingsplatz = favourite place / spot | What's yours? ===~~~===
FEEL FALL. | When you find a full basket of chestnut on the street corner and just have to grab a handful to feel the season... ===~~~===
GOLDEN. | Don't you simply have to love walking through golden leaves in the autumn sun? ===~~~===