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ON THE ROCKS. | It doesn't always have to be sand... ===~~~===
JUXTAPOSITION. | When art meets nature meets street meets busy people... ===~~~===
STRUGGLE. | What do you opt for? ===~~~===
SPHERICAL. | Chanced upon this Bowie memorial mural in Brixton the other day... ===~~~===
SURREAL. | Photography or drawing. You decide. ===~~~===
BRIGHT. | Have a beautiful week, folks, full of spring colours. ===~~~===
DELICATE. | Looks almost sketched in black and white, the lily of the incas, survivor of my three weeks old bouquet. ===~~~===
FADING. | And a final variation of her, poor thing lost more than her legs... ===~~~===
VARIATIONS. | As promised, the first version of how people got creative with the poor stay-special-lady, more to come tomorrow. ===~~~===
ORIGINAL. | These dreamy (and slightly disturbing) beauties popped up everywhere in Hamburg last autumn. And then people got creative with them...I'll show you how later today...
FLIPPED. | Just playing with perspectives. ===~~~===
PINNACLE. | That tower swishing by... ===~~~===