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Sisterhood tribe striving to be deeply rooted in God in all areas, TOGETHER. 🌻 founded by @sopharush

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You are not perfect nor do you have to be. Understand that you will make mistakes, you will fail — but that doesn’t means that you can’t get up and try again 💛
Surrender to him & Seek him. And he will make all crooked ways straight 💛
I pray this speaks to you today !
“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Psalms 119:105) 
This is the verse I will live by today. Let God be my guide, my light, and my protection today. May he lead me to the paths of righteous and may he guide me to the light. Anything I am in the darkness about, may it come to light and my I find fulfillment through his grace. Amen 💛
Divine appointments don’t just happen, God has shaped, appointed, and orchestrated these moments. May we all take advantage of those opportunities and spread love. May God be glorified through those moments. 💛
This weeks prayer. I’m speaking to my mountains!
Take the time out today to get in your bible. 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge
We as one need to uplift one another, empower one another, encourage one another, let each other know that we are more than enough.
We, as one, are powerful 🌻💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge
May you stay rooted & May your faith expand 💛
The best self is being YOUR-self ❤️ #deeplyrootedchallenge
May we grow strong in faith and not give up in times of trouble 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge
No matter if are going through the best or worst of times, God will test you with your faith. May we always pray in good times and in times of trouble and may we fight our battles through prayer always. ❤️ #deeplyrootedchallenge
It is important to acknowledge him every day, because He gives you life every second 🌻 #deeplyrootedchallenge