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Living here in Dallas, the weather seems to go from 76 degrees to 45, with no warning lol I kind of miss the cold/snow in Chicago, but not as much as I love this fall weather we've been having. #sponsored Loving these @SASShoemakers Duchess Tall boots I've received. Thank you @SASShoemakers for partnering with me! Love how comfortable they are. Also right now, in participating stores, they have a stunning leather tote free with purchase, while supplies last! #stylefeelsgood #sasfootwear #sponsored
Are you allowing yourself time to heal? Maybe you just got out of a serious relationship, you got let go from your job, your friend did you dirty. You've been hurt or still hurting not really sure why things keep happening to you. I've experienced all these things & so my hurt breaks for you. It's not fair sometimes how things are dealt to us. I know for me, my life hasn't always been easy, even until this day, things such as these, come in waves. The pain of letting go & moving on from something or someone you had the intentions of growing with, was seasonal. But just like seasons, people change. We change. We can't keep waiting & forcing things that no longer work or stay in a place that we are no longer needed nor wanted. It's like trying to wear a winter coat in the middle of a hot summer day. It's doable, but uncomfortable. Painful even thinking about someone trying to attempt this. 😳😩 It's necessary to let go sometimes. To allow our hearts the ability to heal from past situations that seem to hold us captive. It's in our healing from our pain,we are fully able to grow. What's holding you back? What do you know you need to let go of but fear keeps holding you back? What's causing you from becoming better, not bitter? Please share your heart if you feel comfortable. I would love to pray for you. You can email me: πŸ’›
If you haven't been told lately, YOU MATTER. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE NOT YOUR MISTAKES. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU AREN'T LESS THAN. YOU ARE VALUABLE. Don't you ever forget it. I'm rooting for you πŸ’›
The only relationship I'm focused on. 😍 Don't get sucked into comparing relationships when you never know what others are going through. I was telling my friend the other day, yeah everyone looks so happy because who wouldn't post their best pictures together? πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ This is all but a highlight reel which I love, but it can become dangerous. I told her people love the love we share, my husband & I, but they would never see a picture of me during a disagreement crying. πŸ™…πŸ½ Or the nights I couldn't sleep because I was worrying about the bills piling up when I got laid off, nor the times when I wanted to call quits & give up. IG is a beautiful platform that has encouraged, inspired, & motivated me, but also have left me drained, tired, & hurt. That's why boundaries are important. Spending less time online & more time being intentional with the people God has placed in my life. Focusing on my future baby daddy-my chocolate drop & all the students that have become family. So y'all, as much as we are loved by y'all, at the same time, I want to encourage y'all to build, cultivate & focus on the relationships you do have. Love hard and don't allow this world to harden your hearts from creating your dream love story. Turn to scriptures & see how God's love should be displayed, not the distorted views that society has labeled, "relationship goals." I promise you, the Bible has more wisdom & knowledge on love than we ever will in our lifetime 🀣And that's real facts. @rushanthony
Live your truth. Everyone has opinions, but what you believe, is more important than what others what you to believe. Everyone has something to say, always, doesn't make it truth. Guard yourself & who you allow in your space. Give yourself the freedom to say no with no guilt. Say yes to the things that bring you the most joy. Live your truth boldly.
Simple, yet so complex for some to understand. It's seems through our fears, hidden struggles & storms, we sometimes become distracted with the waves & the noise around us, that we lose sight of what's ahead. That every storm we face, isn't just because, it all serves a purpose. That God is with us in the midst of it all regardless the lies we have bought into. The storms in our lives, with intention, builds, yet we feel as though it's trying to destroy & break us. Ever thought we go through what we go through to grow us? To get rid of the thing that has hindered us from elevating to higher levels? To think maybe God is teaching me the the things I need to let go of, how I really don't seem to truly trust him, & I've been holding on to junk that has been sinking my boat trying to drown me? So many lessons the storms in our lives teach us if we can see the bigger picture & keep our mind & eyes fixed on the One who calms the waves. We began to view the hard lessons we go through as growing pains to build, not destroy. So my encouragement to you: Find joy in the journey of self healing, growth, & seasons of hardships. Nothing is in vain, it all serves a valuable purpose. Don't lose focus, nor give up. You got this! Check out Psalm 107:28-32
December 7th journal entry: What's hindering you from giving God your heart wholeheartedly?
This past year has been special. Before the year is up, I wanted to take the time & share this time I got the opportunity to meet some phenomenal women at a conference I was a panelist for. It was such a cool experience getting to witness teen girls come together & be empowered by so many knowledgeable women from all walks of life, careers, & passions. @growleadinspire thank you @braeachris for hosting such an amazing conference! The best part for me, was I gained an amazing soul sista @spiritedxkulture who inspires, challenges & encourages me. She has no idea and I probably don't tell her enough, how much her love & light bring a smile to my face when we FaceTime. Thank you for your friendship & love you pour out to not just me, but others. Continue to inspire the world one person at a time & helping others learn the importance of walking in their purpose. Love you! Sending you so much love this morning! Can't wait to visit you in NY! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
And for those who need a this reminder tonight. There's no rush to how long you may need to grieve & accept your healing  process. Sometimes we get in such a rush, we forget that we are even hurting. We never take the time to stop & allow God to fully restore the pain we feel or have been caused. We cover it with things to avoid it, we bury it with more hurt not realizing the weight that it continues to add. We even allow ourselves the ability to deny it because if I can't see it, or feel it, is it really there? Whatever is hurting you or you haven't taken the time to talk or write it out, I encourage you to do so tonight. Make a list of things that have really hurt you, caused you pain, broken your heart. Then cross a big X over it, & ask God to start tearing down walls, releasing emotional strongholds, healing open wounds, breaking soul ties, restoring broken hearts. Empty yourself piece by piece, as you make more room for God to work in you. It's a process trust me, it won't be easy, but there's no rush, just a safe place for you to grow & heal wholeheartedly.
I remember the first time I was asked when I was getting a boyfriend in college.During the holidays it's the worst. The questions kept coming. How come I never dated? How come I never bring any boys around? When you going to start a family and give them grandbabies? I even got asked if I was gay.πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ LAWD It was hard going through the holiday season being single to be honest, but I never rushed into a relationship just to have that void filled. I faithfully waited on God's timing. I didn't let other people's opinions play a part of my love story. I just would smile and keep it moving trying to change the subject as quick as possible lol I had to remind myself that no relationship could ever make me satisfied like my relationship with God. He was the only one who never disappointed, never let me down, but always loved me through it all. He was the best decision I ever made & to this day I can say the same. Through my obedience, God gave me my husband. I mean when I tell you I love this man so much, I really do, but he could never replace the love I have for my Father. My husband isn't perfect and isn't called to be my savior. He's my best friend I get to do life with. He's my biggest supporter, my better half, but by no means will he ever satisfy me like God does. And for that I am so thankful. We are in this together, we make mistakes, we fail each other at times, but the most important thing is chasing after God together. My advice for those in the season of singleness, spend time growing closer to God. Be aware of those trying to cuff you because of their loneliness. Make your block/curve game strong over Christmas break especially coming back from college. Protect your heart by not putting yourself in a situation that can lead you astray for the sake of feeling wanted in the moment. You got kingdom business you have to attend. Use this time to focus on yourself, being selfish, doing what you love. You deserve it. Cause let me tell you when you get married, selfishness has to be put aside. πŸ˜‚ #ownyoursingleness #godstimingisneveroff #cuffingseasonhasarrived #protectyourheart #youwaitingonyourgodlyman
How many truly believe this? Living by a new spirit, no longer according to the flesh? Seeking God for his help to walk justly & pure in a world contaminated with false advertisements that we so easily get trapped into believing. You see the flesh has a way of saying "pursue this, get some of that, experience this lust filled thing." When we live by the Spirit, there's no room for pretending. Our purpose is now different. We see life through a new set of lens. We will fall short of His glory at times, because not everyday we succeed in walking in the spirit, but each day is a new day to get things right & try again. I've learned that I cannot allow my former mistakes to hinder me from growing closer to God. The self pity game is dangerous. If I am a new creation like scriptures says, yet I'm not living according to his calling, I am not filling the role God has created for me. So am I truly living as a new creation or merely pretending?
This year we've been so thankful for the transitions & positions we've been lead into by God. Through all the blessings & lessons, He always shows up & shows out. He does the unexpected. We've both grown so much together, I'm so excited for this journey to continue to flourish as we step into a new season. I pray that God guides every step, every decision, & opportunity that comes this way. Happy thanksgiving from the Rush's, we love you all.πŸ’› @rushanthony
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