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مصر جميلة جمال ملهاش مثال
Egypt through your eyes on #LiveLoveEgypt #عيش_حب_مصر

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Every detail matters. 
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#LiveLoveExploreEgypt : We're taking you today into where you'll have A state of mind. 
#LiveLoveEgypt #ElGouna @elgounaredsea
جمعه مباركه. 
#عيش_حب_مصر @mothephotographer
#Alexandria nights, have a smile of lights✨. @livelove.alexandria • @peter_georgeee #LiveLoveEgypt
بلاد طيبه. 
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Where heaven exists! 
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Old is gold. 
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A #LiveLoveEgypt story by @jasonsview502 : Praying on the Nile River! My Muslim friends stoped eating in the middle of their meal at a restaurant to pray and allowed me to pray to Jesus behind them.
Egypt has helped me learn to love Muslim people like never before. I am no longer intimidated by the burka covering women's faces and I do appreciate the dedication that they have. Thank you Egypt for allowing me to share Christ to your nation! I love you 🇪🇬! @ahmed.amr.hafez @adamsaleh
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@livelove.cairo mornings be like! 
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Shshshshsh, it's #OldCairo time ❤️! @livelove.cairo • @nadiarifaat