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"In the memory of the Armenian Martyrs of the Genocide, 1915-1923 AD." Memorial #khachkar in Glendale, California. #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @partena_maria
The Greece-Armenia Gratitude Monument  in Athens. In 1996, Armenia gifted the following memorial to Greece as a sign of gratitude. Following the #ArmenianGenocide many Armenians escaped to Greece and many still live there today. The monument is a khachkar which is made from carved stone depicting a cross and other emblems. At the bottom of the monument an inscription reads: "Gratitude Monument:  Armenia built this monument as a sign of gratitude towards Greece, Athens 1996" #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @boulos
Monumental 12th century #khachkar spotted in @metmuseum, NYC. #livelovearmenia Photo CreditsS @insta_vain
#khachkar in Prague. #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @vastimpact
This weekend we're all about collecting pictures of  #khachkar in Armenia and around the world. So we'll be waiting for your awesome shots. And Dont forget to take a look at #livelovearmenia instastory !! Photo Credits: @armankose_photo
cappuccino is a little taste of heaven served in a cup 👐🏾
#livelovearmenia @tikartenyan
We know what you're thinking and no, they're not wearing special grape-eating robes. Captured by our own Mariam Zakarian, this is Armenia's time-honored tradition of the #blessing of the #grapes. Armenian wine answers to a higher authority. #livelovearmenia @metcpitt ™@tumocenter
Look at these Monk Cells inside the cliff!🚪
These rustic cells have carved alters and work tables inside and look onto the main cathedral. The monk who lived here were originally hermits, they came to this hard-to-reach site to mediate and live apart from earthly desires. 
#livelovearmenia ™@the.rahal
Shaki waterfall, near Sisan, Syunik province. #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @vahep.com_photography
We 💙 Hamalbashyan's Collages. 
Armenian beer, lolig and varung:)
#sevan #armeniansummer #summer17 copyright goes to: © @hamalbashyan_t #livelovearmenia
Gyumri city. #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @aka_opex
Cascade, home of arts center. #livelovearmenia Photo Credits: @shantatarian