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🎶Purple wall, purple wall...🎶
Too nice to stay indoors. A walk in the park was cut short by mosquitos but ice cream cured that.
Mama likes her donut. @sugarshackdonuts 🍩
We had a death in the family recently. It’s been a rough few weeks, but we have managed to find things that spark levity. Exhibit A: the jar of fudge sauce we found in the pantry while cleaning. Look at the date. This jar expired during Reagan’s first term. I don’t think chocolate fudge sauces ages like wine. 😮
My workplace got a nice facelift last week. My history here is quite storied - it will cost you a beer or two to hear it - but it has evolved into something incredible. The purple lights in slide 3, I’m told, went up after Prince died. I think it looks good with the new window art. #757 #downtownnorfolk #norfolkva #workplaces
Everybody’s at the Narrows today. Water is beautiful; not too windy for a 🚴🏼‍♀️. #statepark #cycling #firstlandingstatepark
First time at @thejewishmother since they returned. Penicillin soup is still great; desserts still big enough to feed the world. I can’t move now. #jewishmother #757eats #vbfoodie
Found this when I got to work this morning. I haven’t seen a @walkinghouses chalk drawing in a while, so this was a nice surprise. #757 #downtownnorfolk #norfolkva #walkinghouses
I won’t be home for the Oscars tonight, but I’ll make sure to catch up on the winners. In the meantime, it’s my goal to see every movie in this book. Working my way through the silent film era now. #bookstagram #booksaboutmovies
I still have them - all the Rhino Record reissues and a few of the original Colgems vinyls. My dad would find the Colgems during his tours of the thrift shops and buy them for me. I was part of the MTV wave of Monkeemania - taped all the shows on VHS and wrote fan letters. These days you can tweet a celebrity and maybe they’ll hit you back. I wrote Peter Tork a letter when I was 14 and got an autographed response three years later. That’s pretty good for pre-Internet days when you really weren’t expecting anything. I’ve looked for the card and can’t find it, so I’ve concluded it is gone...just like Peter. I’m glad I took two opportunities to see him perform, and I enjoyed admiring him from a distance at a  convention where I signed books. For all the grief the band got, they were the real deal. I’ll miss Peter - he and Micky, Davy and Mike made my early teens enjoyable to live. #petertork #rippetertork #monkees #themonkees
#RIP Albert Finney
I’ve had this library stand in a box for years. After a bit of #konmari tidying I can finally use it. ♥️ #bookstagram #readingtime #bookshelf