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Do you make vision boards?  Pictures of places you want to go or things you want to accomplish?  Your hopes or dreams?
They say that if you can picture yourself doing something, it's more likely to happen.  And if you can picture it often....well, that's even better.
So today I made a new vision board.  I like to put mine as the background on my computer or phone so that I can see it all the time and it makes me happy when I look at it.
My last background on my computer was my Alaskan cruise, I love when something in there comes true and I get to add a new background.
Today I'm dreaming big and adding a lot of places.  For me, these pictures represent Greece, Croatia, Belgium, Iceland,  seeing the Northern Lights (anywhere), Norway, Italy, and back to my favorite country, Scotland.
What's on your vision board??
Beautiful Victoria.
We had a very short port stop here, being there from only around 7pm to 11pm, so we didn't make plans to do anything other than walk around and see the city.
We got there at the perfect time to be able see the city in daylight, then watch it come alive as the lights of the city came on.
Victoria is set up with signs right by the port and around town to show you walking routes.  Somehow we still made a wrong turn, but it turned out perfectly as we got to walk through a cute little neighborhood before getting back on track.
Who needs a little beach time in their life?? .
I love these Good Vibes Only decals from this month's @indigovibesbox
Where is your favorite beach?  Bonus points if you have pics of it on your IG for me to look at!!
Photo credit @moriahquinn who takes amazing product photos for @indigovibesbox
Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

This was probably my favorite stop on our Alaskan Cruise, but maybe not for the usual reasons.

Here, I saw my bears in the wild.  I love bears and that was one of the things I was really looking forward to.  We saw a bear cross a street and then we saw a mama bear and three cubs just walking around eating dandelions right near us!

The glacier itself was beautiful along with the waterfall next to it.  We opted out of taking a tour here and just had a cab drop us off and pick us up so that we could spend as long as we wanted an avoid most of the crowds.  It was a great choice as we were able to pause and let big groups go around us and then have it feel like we were hiking in nature a little more peacefully.

Another reason this stop was my favorite was because our 8 year old son learned to skip his first rocks in the waters here!  He's tried for years and never got one to skip, he was so happy when it worked and skipped like 5 more.  Now he can say he learned to skip rocks at Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.  A fun little memory for him ♡♡
Our time in the Yukon was too short, but we'll definitely be back to explore more!
What are your favorite areas in the Canadian Yukon? I want to hear all the beautiful, nature filled places! 
Hit me up with your must sees!
Juneau, Alaska in the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

Juneau was my favorite stop on our trip and a lot of it had to do with the Visitor Center which is really a park area.  Besides the glacier and waterfall, we saw 4 bears up pretty close to us, did some hiking, and just had a magical time.  We didn't do a tour because we wanted enough time to wander around and enjoy the area on our own time and try to get away from crowds.  It was perfect.  We just had a taxi pick us up from the pier and drop us back off when we were ready.
This photo was taken pulling into port in Ketchikan, Alaska.
If you want to shop for souvenirs from your trip, this is the best port to do it in!  We had heard that recommendation from others and it's so true.  Save your shopping until Ketchikan unless you need something specific that you can only get in a particular city.  Ketchikan has so many shops, tons of different items, and the best prices!  I even heard them say that they can ship all your purchases back to the continental US for just $20.  So if you packed heavily for this trip and have no room left, don't want to pay overweight or extra bag fees, inquire about them shipping your souvenirs for you!
If it's night time on a cruise ship you can usually find us in a couple of places: the casino, comedy club, theatre...or the piano bar!  This particular night our son was having fun in the kids club and we spent some time in the piano bar on the Carnival Legend.
Where's your favorite night time hangouts on a cruise ship?
#Repost @cpaynefromtville_ .
This beautiful picture was taken by my husband on the White Pass train ride that ended in Skagway, Alaska.  If you're in the area, this is a must do!  Look how close the train rides from the cliff!  There's two tunnels that you go through, amazing scenery surrounding you, and there's a spot you can hang out outside the train!! (They do not have snacks/refreshments on board so come prepared if you're taking the little ones!)
Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska. 
This is such a cute town and so much to do and see!  This was our shortest port day of the cruise and I really wish we had more time here.  Just gives us another reason to go back!! ♡♡
So many times we're focused on the wrong things...the things we don't want.  What's going wrong in our life, what we're frustrated about, embarrassed about, what we don't have...
We need to flip that switch and start focusing on what we DO want, what we are happy about in our lives. .
What are you focusing on today??

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Bove Island in the Canadian Yukon. .
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