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Your girl #justvoted !!! 💙 i voted today for every time in the last two years I’ve woken up to horrible news or felt completely disgusted with people in power and felt helpless. I voted for all the times as a little kid I would want my parents’ “I voted” sticker and couldn’t wait to have my own. I voted for all the marginalized people around me who have been affected and targeted by this administration, especially for the ones who can’t vote for themselves. I voted because I remember that feeling two years ago on Nov. 8 when I went from completely happy after voting for the first time, and then completely, utterly afraid—because I don’t want to feel that way again.

Don’t let viral tweets convince you we’re gonna be okay, don’t think your “like” on a political meme is your vote. Social media is great, but voting is where you put your words to action. 
PLEASE exercise your right to vote today. California has same-day registration and the polls are open 7am-8pm. 💙💙💙 -
#justvoted #vote #midtermsmatter #electionday #votewithus #bluewave
everyone else was doing it 🎃
So a year ago I did that cool thing where I went to my bff @taylorswift ‘s house, listened to her album before the rest of the world, spent hours with her and witnessed her make a joke about how she would adopt me. Pretty casual, don’t you think?

@taylorswift thanks a MILLION. 💓🤗 you made my little girl dreams come true. ✨✨✨
Happy #meangirlsday 👚💓 (that second pic...we really did #that didn’t we)
She’s 21 now 🌟💛🤗
It’s like illegal to walk by these and not take a picture.
We can’t wait to show you what we can do. 💙💛 #prssalb
What better time to post this picture of me and @hereisgina that I (foolishly) never posted than on her birthday? Happy birthday Gina thanks for gracing our tv screens 🎉🌸🦄
Fun fact: singing along to Misery Business is 100x more fun when it’s live.
“Welcome to the final show.” 🌹 #harrystyles
Decided to play tourist in the city of stars today. ✨
I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE WITH U @taylorswift 💓💓💓 ALSO she brought out Selena Gomez i have no Selena footage though bc i was blacked out with an overwhelming amount of excitement :D