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New places and cool people
This was my roughest quarter at Scad so far, but I’m really grateful for my family, friends and professors who helped me through it. Now on to study at Hong Kong next quarter, see you in five months, Sav.
I said goddamn. Goddamn. #MrsMiaWallace
I reconstructed some clothes for a Chloe mock ad
Thank you so much for inviting me to collaborate!! @brookelindstromstyle 
Creative direction: @brookelindstromstyle 
Photography: @jemmacastiglione 
Model: @sierrabischoff 
Special shoutout to @alexandra_r_darling for being my “trousers construction assistant”
This quarter I fell in love with menswear.
Process book page exploring concept and silhouette
Missing NY a little extra today. Behind the scenes with @annacaroom for @arknyc
Elevator rides at Eckburg
“when it’s 9:30 in New York, it’s 1937 in Los Angeles” #35mm
Cat’s Cradle & Mimosas
Summer sketches
First time shooting film #35mm
“Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed”