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🚒Fire Wife, Liams’s Mom, MK Consultant, Travel Lover, Writer, MA in Crisis Response/Trauma, 2X NYC Marathoner. @cheesecakesbyliz

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In a world where you are suddenly covered in baby vomit, half-eaten goldfish are smooshed throughout your hair, you have completely forgotten what it’s like to use the bathroom in peace, and find yourself begging your child, “please do not poop on me,” it makes sense that you may face an identity crisis. 
Join me as we uncover 5 Steps to Dealing with a Mommy Identity Crisis. Now available for download at
First trip to the Children’s Museum ♥️
“Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.” - C.S. Lewis
Little Baby Bum is the cat to his meow and the chocolate chip cookie to his milk. #JohhnyJohnnyYesPapa
If your passion is cleaning – clean toilets and have a good time doing it! If your passion is music – pull out the old dusty guitar and play some tunes. ♥️ The point? ♥️ Life can be so busy that we get stuck in a routine and forget to actually live it. Check out the full post on this week’s #beautifulchaosblog.
Check out the 5 things to treasure daily - updated from the archives at
“Forget the knight in shining armor, I have a fireman in bunker gear.” 🚒❤️
Liam wants to blow kisses & wish a very happy Father’s Day to his Daddy, Papa & Poppy! We are so thankful for the influence of 3 amazing, godly, and hard-working men.
S P R I N K L E R. M A G I C.
No one likes facing tragedy, adversity, emotional roller coasters, or feeling as though they are being swallowed by and wallowing in turmoil, regret, and agony. We want to forget the pain of the past. We want to cover up our flaws. We want to forget all of the hurts we have experienced. 
However, it is often in these moments that we realize how much we NEED God. It is often in these moments where we realize the hope that He offers. It is in these life-changing moments where we gain insight into what is truly important in life. Perhaps this pain is actually an important part of our story and can help mold and shape who we are and what we will become.
Instead of being bitter, maybe it can make us better.
This week’s #beautifulchaosblog post:
This week on the #beautifulchaosblog, “Some days, when Satan is making an arduous effort to attack, I get so down on myself. Occasionally wallowing in my past mistakes and pride. Why am I letting my insecurities rise? Why am I letting past mistakes make me feel like I can’t accomplish anything today and in the days to come? Why am I letting yesterday’s mommy meltdown dictate how I start today? I often want to “throw away” and forget the worn and torn parts of myself.” 💕🐛🦋 Read full post at (link in bio).
Little Liam — giggler, nonstop runner, animal cracker gobbler, the reason my jaw hurts from smiling so much 💕
My new trainer is pretty intense. He randomly hits me with his plastic golf club during workouts and has me rolling weights instead of lifting them. I guess we’ll see how this partnership works out. #trainerLiam