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Firefighter Wife, Liam's Mommy, MK Consultant, World Traveler, Writer, MA in Crisis Response/Trauma, 2X NYC Marathoner.

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Happy, happy birthday to my momma! I’m so thankful we were able to spend the weekend with you. Here’s to another great year - full of memories, laughter, delicious coffee, and new Hallmark movies 🤪🙈🎉
“BE A WARRIOR, NOT A WORRIER.” Thank you Hallmark Movies for reminding me of this in your latest movie. I need this reminder. Again and again and again. 
Worrying does not help the situation or improve the conditions - it steals our joy. 
Let’s be WARRIORS, facing the conditions, head on. 
Taking it one step at a time. 
Calling out to God for help during our time of need or uncertainty. 
1 Peter 5:7 reminds us to “cast our anxiety on Him!”
First kids steal your heart. And then they steal your water bottles and try to hide from you.
Take a moment during your daily chaos - whether it’s chasing a crazy toddler, counseling the hurting, teaching curious minds, protecting our streets or coaching basketball players ... B R E A T H E. Take a deep breath. Stop and smell the flowers. Watch a sunset. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Hold your little one. Find contentment in the chaos. Find beauty in the mundane. God is always present, leading the way, ready to embrace our often hurting, frantic and chaotic hearts. #justbreathe
Snuggle up cuz baby it’s cold outside ❄️
What if, instead of judging others based on one action or one reaction, we go out of our way to befriend them? What if, for today, we stopped making assumptions and starting making positive impressions in the lives of other people?

What if we were intentional in making moments positive?

What we tend to forget is that we can start a wave of love, compassion, hope, grace, and positivity.

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Hide yo puffs, hide yo 2% milk ... cuz he’s coming for ya ...
Liam insisted we spend the first part of the snow day cleaning out his drawers, cleaning his toys and sorting blocks. He is very persuasive. We even cleaned his cars, under his direction of course. #SnowDayswithLiam
• breakfast with a view •
Tonight as I am dressed in my warm sweatpants, sweatshirt, have a warm bed, and am sipping on a cup of homemade coffee ... I want to salute our first responders & other personnel who are out protecting our communities and working longer shifts and additional shifts just to keep us safe. Thank you to our doctors/nurses, police officers, firefighters & EMTS, tow truck drivers, power companies, & other heroes. They often work extra shifts or spend the night at work during storms just to make sure they are there to protect us. They are out on the cold and dreary streets and not in their comfy pajamas just so they can protect us. THANK YOU does not feel like enough ... 🚓🚑🚒
First post of 2018 and I’m trying to be real about some personal struggles this year! The first is feeling inadequate and quitting before I even start. Please join me in this journey in 2018 at 
Now, instead of looking at a blank canvas or blank pages with defeat, I am looking with hope. May you take your blank canvas and turn it into hope this year. 
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