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My little smiling Ninja who likes to throw his stuffed animals and then soothe them ♥️😂 #boymom #bigpersonalitylittlebody
Kindness is an underrated world changer. ♥️ It changes the day. God can use it to soften hearts. It changes our thinking. It brings sunshine to the gloomiest parts of our heart. It can turn someone’s horrible day into a glimmer of hope. It can remind us what’s truly important in life! This week’s #beautifulchaosblog:
This will be my #1 favorite photo of my mom until we have a new one taken in the hospital with both kids in March. I am so thankful for her. For her wisdom. For her encouragement. For her speaking life into me as Liam is in this “terrible twos” phase. And also, Mom, I am SO sorry that my terrible two’s lasted wayyyyy longer. On that note, we always need our moms. #momappreciationpost
Sundays, smiles & snacks ... these are a few of our favorite things.
A 🐢run with that #16weekspregnant baby bump. #slowestrunever #babyonboard #bumpahead
This week’s #beautifulchaosblog is “Finding Beauty in Simplicity” 🌸 Here is a challenge for all of us – to take time to open doors for strangers, find the beauty in a rainbow, take a walk in the brisk evening air, smell the flowers, sit on the back porch while the sun sets, and hold our spouse’s hand in public. God is at work all around us, but we must take time to open our eyes to see what He is doing. We cannot let the hatred of the world consume us – now is the time to go out of our way to love on others in Jesus’ name.
I'll never forget visiting the September 11 Museum & Memorial in 2015. The replays of news stations, the photos - so full of emotions, the remnants of burned firetrucks, the names of all the lives lost, the tears - they all felt so real. Today I think of all the lives that were lost. And I also think of the loved ones left behind - who are still mourning and replaying that wretched day over and over. Today, we pray for continued healing. For hope. For us not to forget the lives lost that day. For the first responders who worked so hard at the site. For the military who continue to fight and protect us. You are all heroes❤️May we find our hope and our future in Christ. I pray that we can be people of compassion when people are mourning.
Definitely facing some anxiety with all of the hurricane talk. Not sure if it’s having a two year old to think about, the fact that I’m pregnant and my emotions/hormones feel out of whack, or the fact that my man will be out working in the storm. Wrote a new #rescueworkerwifesupport post today about dealing with anxiety. We all have “things” that are on our mind but God IS IN control. 🚓🚒🚑 Someone once said that, "Both faith and fear sail into the harbor of your mind, but only faith should be allowed to anchor." 🚓🚒🚑
I don't want to harbor the fear, but let faith be the anchor of my soul.
If you are prone to anxiety like me, take these steps with me:
•Work on thought patterns: Instead of only focusing on the negative thoughts, try to find the truth in Scripture and in life. Pray, pray, pray. Soak in truth and hope.
•Focus on God: God wants us to relinquish our fears to Him. This is really hard for me. I am sometimes a "what is the worst case scenario here" kind of person, instead of trying to focus on what God can teach me and the positive that can occur during times of being spiritually tested.
•Keep moving forward: Instead of being set back by fear and what ifs, we have to keep moving forward, keep planning, keep preparing, BUT keep trusting.
•Hold on to relationships: Confide in people you trust and who can help you work through your anxiety. Don't be embarrassed by it. Talk/work through it. A different perspective may be exactly what you need.
Liam Andrew. Strong-willed. When we named him Liam, we should’ve realized naming your kid “strong-willed warrior” means that you are basically begging for the challenge. But he also loves to “help.” He loves to help with laundry and chores, but today he wanted to blow dry my hair. #patienceishard #butlovebeinghismom
The last mini cinnamon bun cheesecake order of the week “rolled” out this morning to a bridal shower. Thank you for your order, Jess! 💕 Orders for the coming weeks are now being accepted at 🎃
Lift the Silence: Suicide Awareness Week —  As someone whose heart is in the counseling realm, there is a topic that is often overlooked because people are afraid to even say the word – SUICIDE.

September is Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month and this is a topic that I would like to put out there. People struggle. People experience unbearable grief and often do not know how to process it. They want to ask for help, but are afraid to at the risk of being judged or told to stop being dramatic. One thing people need to realize about unbearable and inexpressible grief is that it is very real to the person experiencing it. It is not our place to tell them to “get over it” or to judge their pain. It is our place to reach out to them. To love them. To simply be there for them. You do not need to know any magic words, but you do need to know it a serious issue. If you know someone who is experiencing inexpressible grief or perhaps saying things such as, “It would be better if I was gone” or “it will never get better,” then SPEAK UP AND REACH OUT. #beautifulchaosblog
Missing my person and praying for my little dude to heal quickly. ♥️ #myheart #myboys