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When you have a fancy event and therefore an excuse to wear the most glorious red shoes... 😍😂
Up early making sourdough muffins instead of loaves for a change. Drinking inadequate amounts of coffee out of a subpar mug 😂 and psyching myself up for a morning of kids sports activities.
It’s a sad day. This is my favourite mug. I’ve had it for more years than I care to count. It holds the perfect (large) amount of coffee to get me started in the morning. It’s comfortable to hold. The company doesn’t have them anymore. While I could glue it, I just don’t trust glued mug handles 😓😢☕️ #peopledocryoverspilledcoffee #newmugrecommendationsplease
Joining my pearls and beans, here’s a new addition to my ‘string of’ plant family... dolphins! Part of my Mother’s Day gift yesterday... good choice family 😊🌱❤️#succulents #brisbane #hanginggarden
Brisbane, you’re so pretty!
When you flashback fondly to that time your bestie’s mum made vegan sweet potato fritters AND included chilli garlic vinegar for dipping AND presented them beautifully. Mums are just the best 💕😋
Qld, you’re so pretty! #nofilter #kidsstillthinkitscoldafterthetropics
Much as I love holidays (especially ones where fresh fruit and delicious bahn mi are on offer!) I love home too. Back into weekend baking again and Lorenzo has delivered some pretty loaves to welcome me back 🥖😋 #sourdough #breaditation
It’s not a bahn mi but the vegan seasonal brekkie bowl from @deedotcoffee is colourful and sure hits the spot. It’s such an easy thing but offering vegan options makes it so much easier to eat out with my family and not have to customise a dish beyond recognition! #brisbanevegans #breakfast
Well Vietnam you fabulous place, it’s been wonderful. Until next time! (couldn’t not include a last bahn mi for breakfast either!)
I guess rubbernecking in traffic is universal. Yes, that’s a motorbike burning away. Yes I took pictures. I’m aware of the irony 😂 Also, look at the skyline though - you can see the Sky Tower!
Breadfruit. Cooks and tastes kind of like a potato. Grows on a tree. It blows my mind in a delicious way 😂🌱😋