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LM-Dental manufactures high tech dental hand instruments and their tracking system together with ultrasonic devices, orthodontic appliances and more.


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The LM Dental Tracking System™ RFID supply cabinet enable automatic inventory and asset management. RFID stickers placed on the implant, filling material and other dental supplies packages can be wirelessly read inside the DTS cabinet in order to obtain real-time inventory data and automatically check for expired items. Having the right implants and other materials in the right place at the right time is crucial at large hospitals as well as small clinics. Having knowledge of the exact location and expiry status of each implants, filling materials and other supplies allows for efficient daily planning and long term budgeting. Locating missing items or balancing uneven inventory levels between rooms or departments is easy with the cloud based LM Dental Tracking System™. #lmdental #instatakeover #swedental #lmdentaltrackingsystem
Greetings from Swedental, Göteborg, where our Export Manager Jerry is presenting the The LM Dental Tracking System™ (DTS™). DTS™ is the first commercially available system to track dental materials using radiofrequency (RFID) technology. We help you to turn your data into efficiency, safety and savings!
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LM on the road again! Greetings from Swedental Göteborg! Come and explore our products and have a chat with our team! (Booth B08:28)
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Today’s news from Dental Forum 2018 Barcelona. Meet us at the boardroom session and hear more about the topic Turning Data into Efficiency, Safety and Savings through RFID presented by Jens Hendrén, Planmeca Oy.
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LM on the road! We are actively participating in Dental exhibitions round the world! This week we will be at ADEA Dean’s meeting in California and at Dental Forum 2018 in Barcelona. Today our Sales Manager Stephen is getting ready for ADEA Dean’s meeting!
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Do you have data to support your processes and optimize the efficiency at your clinic? LM Dental Tracking System™ software provides reports and statistics to support fact based decision making. Check out the latest Story of DTS™ and read more! https://www.dentaltracking.com/the-story-of-lm-dts/
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The Story of DTS™ 5/6
To be continued...
LM on the road! We are actively participating in dental exhibitions round the world. These pictures will take you to London, Florence, Prague, Honolulu and Moskow. Enjoy! #lmdental #exhibitions
LM Tracking System™ has helped the The School of Oral Health Care at the University of Copenhagen to make continuous improvements in their daily operations, planning and patient safety. Read the Story of DTS™ 4/6 about how the different user groups can benefit from tracking materials at a dental hospital? https://www.dentaltracking.com/the-story-of-lm-dts/ 
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The Story of DTS™ 4/6
To be continued...
What is a typical day like in a dental hygiene practice and what does that look like with your instrument tray set up? Check out this RDHU video and find out! #lmdental #dental #dental_clinic #dentalhygienist 
The Sharp Diamond instrument collection has a new Sickle Scaler called LM-SharpJack. LM promotes the launch of LM-SharpJack with an Alzheimer’s disease charity campaign. Join us for this good cause and read more about the charity campaign and the new scaler at our website here: https://www.lm-dental.com/products/hand-instrumentation/periodontics/sharp-diamond-coated-instruments/lm-sharpjack/  #lmdental #alzheimersdiseaseawareness #lmsharpjack
How could your clinic benefit from using LM Dental Tracking System™? Using your data for continuous improvement will result in savings, improved safety and efficiency. #lmdtsstory #lmdental #dentaltrackingsystem #dentistry 
Read The Story of DTS™ 3/6
to be continued...
We had a pleasure of having Prodenta visiting us at our office in Parainen last week! #lmdental #dental #prodenta