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#limitlessathlete @katieeboulus during a shoot with the infamous @spohphoto proceeding her @wbff_aust debut in May. Katie’s discipline is only succeeded by her passion for progress, I consider myself very fortunate to have such a hard working individual under my wing. Thankyou Katie for your faith in me, thankyou for your adherence to date. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #diet
#limitlessdarkhorse @damienmaddocks has dropped a monumental 11.4kg the last 16 weeks whilst adhering to his tailored nutrition, training and supplementation protocols. Such drastic improvements are a testament to Damien’s work ethic and the considerable changes to his lifestyle such programming encouraged. Having already proven time to be no limiting factor, I cannot wait to see what we can achieve in the coming weeks. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #diet
Be conscious of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins. Forever thankful for the family that is team limitless, the traits in me they exacerbate and the genuine interest in one another’s well being they show. My pride in such a team is only succeeded by my respect for those that it is comprised of. @wbff_aust @thomas__worsley @ari_empire @paul_dillett @pauline_wbffaustralia @allisondillett 
#teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach
You are remembered for what you do, not what you say you'll do. 
#limitlessathlete @rick_lowry is not one to make proclamations provided he is not certain such proclamations will in time be reflected upon and referred to as accolades. #teamlitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #transformation
#limitlessathlete @jessikakatsambis_wbffpro just 5 weeks from her @wbff_official Pro debut in Las Vegas! Jess has worked tirelessly encouraging the improvements regarding muscularity necessary to be competitive amongst arguably one of the strongest Bikini divisions the sport has seen. Excited is an understatement. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach
#limitlessprodigy @jessegreenway 4 days out from his #Ifbb debut. The changes Jesse has made the last year in preparation for such a show are nothing short of spectacular and serve as an insight to all he has sacrificed, the extent he has applied himself and his unwavering faith in that which he has been recommended to adhere to regarding nutrition, training and supplementation. I identified Jessie as gifted the moment I made his acquaintance, I assured him with the right guidance he would excel at all he tried his hand at. Thankyou Jesse for proving me right, I am proud of you. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #diet
#limitlessrisingstar @tahliachristou during a shoot with the at times awkwardly dressed @spohphoto proceeding her return to the @wbff_aust stage in May. I made Tahlia a promise to make apparent to both her and everyone the potential I was adamant she had. 3 months later she is still continuing to prove me right. I cannot wait to see just how much of an influence within the fitness industry you become. I am proud of you. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #wbff #fitness
#limitlessathlete @liamgbyrne has lost in excess of 40kg to date in pursuit of his fitness orientated endeavours. Such a monumental accomplishment serves as a testament to the strength of Liam’s will, the newfound sense of pride he takes in his appearance and his willingness to comply to that which he has been recommended regarding nutrition, training and supplementation. After taking to the @wbff_aust stage Saturday in the transformation division and having such efforts recognised, Liam has his since decided he would like to yet again turn heads and drop jaws at the upcoming October show. Watch this space. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #thebaldbachelor #hideyourwife
#limitlessathlete @riannburtonn during a shoot with the steady handed @bretto_clarkson late last year. Riann is to this day one of the most talented athletes I have had the pleasure of working with, should she ever decide to compete again, independent as to the federation, I have no doubt that she will set the standard. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #diet
#limitlesspocketrocket @elyse_b__ just 13 weeks away from her return to the @wbff_aust stage! Elyse has left no stone unturned the last 14 weeks, made apparent by the extent of the changes she has encouraged in such a short space of time. If Elyse’s results to date are at all indicative of what we can expect over the coming weeks, I fear for anyone game to share the stage. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach #fitness #diet
Your competition is not other people but the time you kill, the ill will you create, the knowledge you neglect to learn, the connections you fail to build, the health you sacrifice along the path, your inability to generate ideas, the people around you who don't support and love your efforts and whatever god you curse for your bad luck.
Provided I had the opportunity to yet again experience all I did at the @wbff_aust Sydney show, I would do so with the same company and in support of the same athletes. Thankyou for allowing me to share in your fitness orientated endeavours, I am beyond proud of each of you. 
@tenille_duncan : 2nd place over 35s bikini.
@thechriswilliam : 3rd Place Men’s muscle model
@ryanallen933 : Top 10 men’s fitness short, most obvious forced smile.
@liamgbyrne : Top 5 transformation, most handsome bald competitor.
@joshuavereb : Top 10 men’s fitness short, most obvious trunk soiling.
@wbff_bec.price : Best quad sweep, biggest temperament changes in shortest space of time. 
@katieeboulus : Top 10 bikini tall, most outrageous ugg boots on day. 
@emmacler_ : Best waist to booty amongst support crew.
@mauzmathie : Best appetite amongst support crew. 
@phyllis.walmsley : Most passionate supporter amongst support crew.
@nessyturner : Most popular amongst support crew. @damienmaddocks : Firmest handshake amongst support crew.
@alibuxton : Most illusive amongst support crew.
@joshwahlee : Most patient amongst support crew.
@rick_lowry : Tightest jeans amongst support crew. 
@thomas__worsley : Least punctual amongst support crew. 
@photosbyjt : worst influence amongst support crew. 
@spohphoto : Best pajamas amongst support crew. 
@mikebrooke_photography : most charismatic amongst support crew. : Most likely to ensure 
@mikebrooke_photography behaves amongst support crew.
@nikkimauger : Best at ironing shirts amongst support crew.
#teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach
#limitlesssilentachiever @zillmannfit has gained close to 6kg the last 10 weeks whilst adhering to his tailored training, nutrition and supplementation protocols. With time, passion and a work ethic that is only succeeded by his kind nature in his favour, I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish in the coming weeks. #teamlimitless #letswork #coach #onlinecoach