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That 𝘚𝘜𝘔𝘔𝘌𝘙 feeling!
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The Albino or the “Crystal” or the White #lobster was just caught a few days ago by an Irish fisherman, which has been donated to @dingleaquarium for scientific study. They are the only breed of lobsters without pigment, so if it had been cooked, it would have still been white when done! #1in100million ⚓️
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It’s a great week for Lobster!
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COOL DOWN with this chilled
《White Gazpacho with Lobster》soup!
Thanks @craveandcook for this easy-to-make recipe!
Cooked Lobster Meat
2 cucumber, peeled and chopped
1 cup of white grapes
1 cup of corn kernels
2 garlic cloves 
1 tbsp of olive oil
2-3 cups of water
Salt and pepper to taste
Toppings: Fresh basil leaves, chopped. Drizzle oil olive
1. Combine all the ingredients (except the toppings and lobster meat) in a blender. Process until completely smooth.
2. Transfer soup to the fridge and let it cool for at least 15-20 minutes.
3. Ladle soup into bowls and top with lobster meat, chopped basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.
4. Enjoy!

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Here are 10 recipe ideas to drool over:
• Lobster Grilled Cheese
• Lobster Mac and Cheese
• Lobster BLT
• Lobster Pizza
• Lobster Gazpacho
• Lobster Egg Benedict
• Lobster Ravioli
• Lobster Fettuccine
• Lobster Corn Chowder
• Lobster Spring Rolls

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Monday Inspiration.
Have a shell of a week! 😎
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Have a safe and #happy4th everyone!

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Welcome back, Summer! Boy are we happy to see you. We’ve been waiting for you ☀️ #firstdayofsummer
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