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Wonderful beginnings // A baby lobster at age 6-12 months old (size of a finger)
On average it takes a Maine Lobster about 5 to 7 years to grow to weigh one (1) pound!
沒ク Robert F. Bukaty
Did you know? 汳。
The saying 窶弸ou窶决e my lobster窶 originated from the fact that lobsters mate for life. And, did you know 窶廊obster窶 refers to the special person whom you窶决e meant to be with forever?
Show some love: tag your 窶廊obster窶 below! 汨沛サ
Happy Valentine窶冱 Day!
Lobster Love. All day, everyday!
沒ク @scillynat
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笶、ク週aste the love笶、ク
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Your sweetheart will love the 窶廰obster Sweetheart窶 窶 lobsters and pie with free shipping for $150!

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Lobster really does go on everything!!!
HAPPY NATIONAL PIZZA DAY! We wish you all a nice slice of a weekend.
沒ク @alexeatswitheleanor
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Valentine窶冱 Day is next Wednesday and you can order by 2/13 at 11am EST to get it in time!
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Let窶冱 give this lobstah a round of aCLAWse!
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Are you ready for this weekend?
It窶冱 game time with Lobsters!
沒ク @patriots
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We窶况e got easy-to-assemble lobster roll kit combos to feed enough happy stomachs from 4-16 people!
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Fresh ideas for the new year! Get inspired and create a #lobster salad.
Top your own salad with our fresh-picked, never frozen lobster CLAW, KNUCKLE and TAIL meat!
沒ク @doingitforthefood
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Brrrr! It窶冱 cold outside.
Warm up with our favorite New England Clam Chowder... A la carte or choose in your favorite combo!
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W I N T E R  I N  M A I N E
Sea Smoke and Lobster Fishing.
Aka Frost Smoke or Steam Fog 窶 when the very cold air moves over warmer water.
沒ク Breathtaking capture by @portimages