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Your Food Choices Matter, So Choose Wisely!
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Once the Lomi fitness and 
meal planning app is 
downloaded on your 
android/IOS device, you 
will be asked a series of 
questions. This ensures 
our fitness experts and 
nutrition consultants can 
create a fitness and diet 
plan that meets your 
unique health needs. 
Afterwards, you get to 
choose one of our highly 
qualified fitness experts 
and nutrition consultants to help you create a fitness 
regime and diet meal plan.. Sign Up To Meet Your 
Health Goals!
Do you want to lose or 
gain weight? Are you 
looking for ways to 
maintain your health in 
your older years? Are you 
an athlete looking to boost 
performance? A good 
nutritionist is someone 
who will be able to provide 
all the answers that you 
We’re here to help you get access to the nutritionist of your choice..
Download LOMI App!
You have tried every diet 
out there and you never 
see results. Or you gain it 
all back shortly after 
dropping weight. 
Whatever the roadblock, 
a nutritionist can 
thoughtfully and 
effectively help. A 
registered dietician can 
help guide you through 
changing your lifestyle, 
rather than following a 
specific diet plan. 
LOMI App gives you 
access to qualified 
nutritionist and dieticians 
at your fingertips..
Download now!
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Good nutrition is 
important for overall 
health. Everyone’s 
metabolism is different, 
and can be affected by 
genetics, stress, lifestyle, 
and work.

Our fitness and 
meal planning app is 
designed to save your 
time and energy by putting 
the knowledge of nutrition 
consultants and fitness 
experts at your fingertips. 
Get the LOMI app now!
#Dieticians #Health #Nutrition #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthyfood

So get started with a healthier nutritious diet for a healthier future!
And if you need an expert advice download the #lomiapp and get access to a registered nutritionist who can guide you through your path to a healthier lifestyle..
#healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating
Get the app now! 
#healthyeating #healthyliving #healthyfood #nutritionists #dietarytips
You crush it at the gym. You 
get your yearly physical and 
head to the derm for a skin 
check at least once a year, 
too. Heck, you even make 
time for monthly 
chiropractor appointments. 
Chances are there's one 
important appointment 
you're not slotting into your 
schedule: a consultation 
with a nutritionist.
A dietitian can help you 
keep your digestive system 
and body running smoothly, 
while making sure you're 
getting the proper nutrients, 
helping you tailor an eating 
plan that works best for you..
Get access to the nutritionist of your choice with LOMI..!
#healthyfood #healthylifestyle #eatinghealthy #healthyliving
Healthy eating is not about strict 
dietary limitations, staying 
unrealistically thin, or depriving 
yourself of the foods you love. 
Rather, it’s about feeling great, 
having more energy, improving 
your health, and stabilizing your 
mood. If you feel overwhelmed by 
all the conflicting nutrition and diet 
advice out there, you’re not alone. It 
seems that for every expert who 
tells you a certain food is good for 
you, you’ll find another saying exactly the opposite.
But here at LOMI, we believe that eating a 
healthy diet doesn’t have to be 
overly complicated.
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Food Matters!
Eat healthy.. Stay healthy! 
#healthyeating #healthyliving
Looking for a nutritionist and not 
sure where to start? Download the 
LOMI App today! Once you have 
registered, the LOMI App will 
connect you with a registered 
nutritionist near you of your 
choosing. With your nutritionist, 
you will be able to create a new 
meal plan that is specific to your 
needs and preferences. The LOMI 
App will give you access to the top 
nutritionists in Canada. Download 
the app on the Apple App Store or 
Google Play today!
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A thing to remember!
#healthyeating #healthyliving #healthyfood