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All of us probably know some areas where we could boost our health and happiness — perhaps by exercising more, eating healthier, learning stress management techniques, or nipping a bad habit in the bud — but making a change can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be, though. To eat well, you need to combine nutritional science, a jolt of common sense, and pure enjoyment. Most of us know that fresh salad, berries, and slowing down when eating are better for us than wolfing down energy bars and sweets. But how to make that leap from our current habits to healthier ones?
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Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. Today’s society is fast paced and hectic, making it hard to find the time and energy to focus on your health. If you are ready to invest in your health and wellness, we’re sharing some tips and tools that can help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as you design your new healthy lifestyle! Reaching out to find support is just one way you can increase your chances for success. There are many health care professionals that offer programs, information and support when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you. 
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Trying to increase your fibre intake? Make these high-fibre, budget-friendly veggies a part of your day!
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Are you close to 40? If so, you may be one of the legions who is desperately racing to shed that unwanted weight before hitting that magic number. For others, the weight-loss marker is 30 and they spent the last year of their 20s feverishly exercising and dieting. Why are people trying to lose weight before the age of 30 or 40? Generally, the accepted belief is that it becomes very difficult to slim down after one of these ages (which one depends on who you believe) because our metabolism slows down. In this case, where there is smoke, there is fire. There is some truth to the belief, but it isn’t as simple as it seems.
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Desserts don’t have to be unhealthy. These peanut and apple crunch balls are a delicious and healthy dessert for your next dinner party!
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This nutrient-packed green curry soup recipe will warm you up! The noodles are a delicious source of fibre and the vegetables have lots of immune-boosting vitamin C.
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When you have committed to eating a healthy diet, consuming an appropriate amount of quality protein will be an important part of your plan. Whether you have worked with an online nutrition consultant, a personal nutritionist or have created your own plan, determining the best types of proteins to consume is an important step.
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Shorter, more overcast days—coupled with cold Canadian winters that keep us indoors—mean that we’re exposed to less sunlight at this time of year. This reduced exposure can lower our vitamin D levels, leading to an array of potential problems. 
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This is going to be your favourite blog that you read all year. I say this with great confidence because I am going to tell you something that you want to hear. I am going to tell you about “unhealthy” foods that are actually good for you and safe to eat! Don’t believe me? Check with any online nutritionist!
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There are many reasons why people drink coffee. For some it’s about that morning energy boost, where for others it’s simply about fulfilling that morning routine that gives us a better feeling about starting the day. No matter what makes you brew that morning coffee, there are many health reasons why starting the day with it is the right way to go. Here are a few insightful reasons why that morning coffee makes more sense than ever. 
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