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Life ain’t so bad when you’re chillin with your mates and this not so shabby tennis player who goes by the name of #rafanadal! 😊🎾
You told me I could bring a +1!!
When the weather’s all over the shop there’s nothing better than to chill with a salted caramel hot chocolate and a warm bagel! 😋☃️ @waynescoffeeuk #coffee
Congratulations Mr Federer.

Champion AO 2018!

#RF20 #AO2018 #ausopen #Federer #Tennis
Enjoying the AO with the most awesome Tennis fan club in the world! #wethepeople #aussiebarmyarmy #ao #tennis
With AO sweetheart and 2016 champion @angie.kerber #AO #Kerber #Tennis
Look who we spotted at the Australian Open!!
#AO #Rafa #Nadal #AusOpenRNA
Lucky to have been invited to a 'crew' screening of the Last Jedi this afternoon.

Not allowed to talk about the film or share any spoilers, however, the most honest review I've seen so far that shares my thoughts on the movie comes from the Hollywood Reporter.

Todd McCarthy (Hollywood Reporter): ‘Has the decided feel of a passing-of-the-torch’ “Maybe the film is a tad too long. Most of the new characters could use more heft, purpose and edge to their personalities, and they have a tendency to turn up hither and yon without much of a clue how they got there; drawing a geographical map of their movements would create an impenetrable network of lines. But there's a pervasive freshness and enthusiasm to Johnson's approach that keeps the film, and with it the franchise, alive, and that is no doubt what matters most.” 7.5/10

#starwars #thelastjedi
Wayne's Coffee VIP launch UK @ High Street Kensington, London 7/12/17

When you think of coffee shops across the UK a few names spring to mind: there's 'the green-starred mermaid' and the red one that sounds like it was opened by a guy from Spain...but now there's a new player in town!

In actual fact, it's a group of new players. A consortium, if you will, that have brought over one of Sweden's most famous and popular coffee shop brands to the UK.

The founders at today's VIP launch of Wayne's Coffee would have us know that the brand has existed for more than 23 years. They would also have us believe that soon after opening their first shop in Stockholm, they had serious thoughts about opening a shop in the UK. However, it took a determined group of young entrepreneurs to make that a reality. The end result...Wayne's Coffee Shop's flagship store opens on High Street Kensington in London.

Even though, the stores official opening isn't until 11am on Monday 11th December, 2017, there is much to look forward to.

This coffee shop's USP (unique selling point) revolves around their focus on serving 'high quality fresh organic coffee in a natural meeting place', served in environmentally friendly in cups that have been made from grass!

Add to this a further environmental focus in this company which includes a 2,000kg reduction in the use of chemical pesticides per year in Sweden alone. You're talking about a company that knows where it's priorities lay.

If you visit Wayne's Coffee you'll see the word 'Fika' used everywhere. Fika means 'break'. From the most relaxing music to the highest quality coffee to the freshest food catering for breakfast, lunch and evening meals, Wayne's mission is to offer you the 'Ultimate Fika!' Why not visit Wayne's flagship store from Monday and try the 'Fika experience' for yourself.

Wayne's Coffee UK
225 High St Kensington, London, UK

#coffee #waynescoffeeuk #fika #coffeeshop @waynescoffeeuk
Rafa Nadal Academy, Manacor, Mallorca, October 2017

When asked how high you should aim, if your ambition is to do well at something you enjoy, my advice...aim as high as you possibly can!

When it came to tennis I decided that a trip to the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca, Spain would be just the trick! Between 22-29th October 2017 the academy took a decision to host its first ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournament on 'clay', and what a tournament it was featuring myself and 20 others of my 'local tennis leagues' colleagues from the UK.

Had a great doubles tournament as my partner Milos (from Swindon) and I won the men's doubles in the +35 category. Reeeeeeeeesult!!! However, the excitement of the week only started there, as it soon become apparent that Rafa would be coming home to Mallorca having pulled out from the Basel tournament the week before. What we hadn't realised was that he would be spending his rehab time training at the academy in his name!

Rafa spent 2 days in a row at the academy practising on his 'international' standard indoor court. Never have I seen such a large run back in an indoor facility (A colleague and I even snuck on to have a hit on it afterwards to see what it was like...but don't tell anybody!). It was awesome! 
However, what was more awesome was that we were allowed to watch the 16 time Grand Slam winner train with coaches Carlos Moyà and long time legend coach and Uncle, Toni Nadal. It was truly a dream come true!

The Rafa Nadal academy is an incredible achievement for the Nadal family, training and schooling over 120 children as well as hosting training camps for adults who stay at the luxury accomodation next door which features an incredible sports cafe, purpose built gym and an amazing spa (ice bath and all!!) Can I recommend a trip to the academy? With the amazing tennis on offer over 26 courts (including clay and acrylic), the awesome facilities on offer (including a museum dedicated to the achievements of Rafa himself), and the incredibly helpful and friendly staff, all I can say is what are you waiting for?

For more information visit the Rafa Nadal Academy website.

#Rafa #Nadal #rafanadalacademy #2017
EXCLUSIVE OFFER: We have arranged a whopping £100 discount on 'Silver tickets' for all LondonPakistani Facebook members to this weekend's Modest Fashion Festival in London.

Tickets to the exclusive Park Lane event include a Drinks & canapés reception, 5 course dinner, Runways shows and evening Entertainment.

Surely an event not to be missed!

Please visit the tickets page via the following link and enter the discount code 'fifty' to claim your discount:

#modestfashionfestival #parklane #mayfair #london #redcarpet #fashion #runway #dinner
Tie Break Tens tennis tournament 
Wycombe House Tennis Club 15/10/17

Guess who won?

This was the second year our humble club in Osterley ran the 'Tie Break Tens' tennis tournament. The format is simple: First to ten points with serves carried out in the same way as a normal tie break. 
The format has been so popular that it now has its own international annual tournament featuring the best of men's and women's players from around the world! We managed to attract NONE of them to our club tournament, but our club head coach was able to arrange a great tournament for those that attended.

After two hours of hard hitting tennis I was lucky to secure top spot and was awarded the 'Gold medal', beating young Rajbir into second place.

If you're looking to take part in a tie break tens tournament near you I can advise the following:

1. Treat every point as a must win point. When the format is short, as is here, it's not like you can easily lose you serve and expect to break back in the next service game. It's very easy to go behind 3 or 4 points if you're not careful, but if you treat each point individually (in a similar way to Rafa Nadal), it is possible to come back, put pressure on your opponent and swing momentum in your direction!

2. Practice your serve. A good serve is crucial to getting ahead and putting pressure on your opponent. Make every service point count. 
3. Never take your opponent for granted. It takes only a few wayward shots and before you know it the match is over. Treat every ball on its merit regardless of the opponent.

What a fantastic day in West London. Next stop...wait and see!! 😉 #tennis #notquiteshanghaibutgoodnonetheless #tiebreaktens #london