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There are carrollers in the mall, 'twould seem.
What's passing for snow in my neighbourhood this morning.
Fresh meat in the dojo. #iaido
Now all I need is Plate of Cakes or Bowl of Chocolate Covered Almonds.
I was given a zekken yesterday, which I can wear on my keikogi to any class or event that isn't a grading. Unfortunately, the person who made it spelled my name wrong, so I need the embroidery picked out, and the right letter put in. The katakana will likely be wrong after a fixing, but I'm not particularly concerned about that.

So, if any of you knows where I can get such a thing done, please let me know. #iaido
Cheaty McCheaterpants forgot to take a photo for the challenge yesterday, so here's a pic of a contrail I took out of the car window on the way back from Etobicoke. #7dayblackandwhitephotochallenge
Monkey on Vine St. - Someone once challenged me to take a picture of a monkey on a vine. This was the best I could manage, given my Chineae birth sign is monkey. (July 2014)
I passed. :) #iaido
My gear awaits. Now i'm getting a little nervous. #iaido
The Saturday Samurai #iaido
Grey Numan #7dayblackandwhitephotochallenge
Ya'll might want to wait for the show to start *before* you start recording. Just sayin'.