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I study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, sing a little jazz, and make some art.


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They weren't wrong about the fog.
If that Polly said she wanted a cracker, I sure wouldn't argue carb loads with her.
Huzzah. Looks like the Glyclazide and Januvia are doing the trick.
I feel that these carts in the laundromat would make for a great spontaneous musical kick line dance number.

o/~ Every load is sacred, every load is great, every load is cleaner, without excess phosphate o/~
Mall food court bon mots?
Thank you Christmas gift card cousin. :)
Geez, I'm turning into my grandmother.
Bam. Seven letters on a triple word score. Go me.
The cause of all the fuss.
I've been QR coded.
Chemtrail direction confusion. Any second now it'll rain down so we can enjoy breathing it in.