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I study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, sing a little jazz, and make some art.


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The Good Shepherd's gone green?
I miss the coin-counting machine at TD bank.
I swear by my sword I asked for a small.
#giantsketchbookadventure Page 1 - a quote from Rudyard Kipling
This here is a 600-page sketchbook I acquired a while ago. I don't sketch; it's not a talent. I was thinking, though, of something projecty - something different for each page -- frottage, augmented tracings, notan - start now, or start it on my birthday - something lettery - not sure.

Buggie ponders man's inhumanity to ham, and other tales of dystopian food disorder.
So, for those of you who asked, Tracks of 1867 is: white chocolate ice cream with a strawberry swirl, chocolate brownie chunks, and graham cracker. Confederation never tasted so sweet.
If I didn't know what these were, I wonder what I'd think they were...
Decisions, decisions.
Not peppery enough, but Brockmire is still delicious.
This purse comes with its own tribble.
Today is apparently #drawingday - but since I have no raspberry jam, I had to go with tea. So, there you have it: Tea Stain Map of the Unknown World - coloured pencil, pigment ink, Twinings English Breafast.