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I study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, sing a little jazz, and make some art.


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Sweet fancy Moses, for the last time, stop adding 'with' in that phrase. It's redundant. Au replaces 'with'. All you need is: served au jus; or, more precisely, prime rib au jus, steak au jus, etc. All it means is a meat served with its natural juices. Although 'au' means 'the' and avec means 'with', in this particular culinary situation - as it is with potatoes au gratin, for example - 'au' is taken to mean 'with'. Also, what's with the scare quotes? Weren't you sure, or was it something other than jus?
What to do with empty Ferrero gift boxes. #watercolours #gouache
This week's fleurs.
The jokes are practically writing themselves on that one.
These PanPastels are an amazing little creative tool that I have, sadly, never got around to using. Pastels are not my forte. Unlike stick-form, though, these can be removed from the pan by brush, applicator, sponge, et cetera, and applied to a substrate in much the same manner as paint. Not in a water-soluble sense, however.

I have, by heaven, finally figured out something to do with them, but it's going to mean buying a few more colours, as these won't necessarily make the best dance partners. These I got from the company as free samples, in a forunate turn of luck.

If a person were to scrape some of these powders into a basin of water, and lay paper atop it, one could certainly do some delicious paper marbling - more like ebru than suminagashi. They could then be used as stationery, backgrounds, mountings, augmented as works in their own right, collaged, et cetera.
I was ordering a gift for someone and saw this. I was intrigued. I pronounce it not overly sweet, very tea-tasting, and quite edible. Would buy again.
Some of the Saturdsy Samurai in Etobicoke. #iaido
That's what every girl does on a Friday night, right? Oil their sword? #iaido
If you know what that is, then you know how I spent my afternoon. I did not enjoy it.
This here is a container of diabetic testing strips. This is how companies who manufscture glucometers make money. This particular brand sells for anywhere between $71 and $125 for a pack of 100. If you need to check your sugar multiple times a day, which many do, you will go through a pack of these in less than a month. They cannot be re-used.
I'm disturbed by that.
It's super great when you forget you ordered something. It's like Christmas.