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I study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, sing a little jazz, and make some art.


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Gary @ The Phoenix - blurry for the blind.
Colour name of the day. #danielsmithwatercolors
Thank you to the friend who sent me this lovely birthday gift. Every colour Daniel Smith makes. Yum. :) #danielsmithwatercolors
The spread. Phase II - peano curves, eat your heart out.
So I opened a bottle of half-frozen water and it squirted on my monitor... and it's spreading. This is a bad time for an equipment failure.

I hope that damn thing dries before it fries.
This week's fleurs.
Buggie requests additional garlic be added to the roast pot.
Do you work for free? Neither should anyone else.
Birthday gift. :)
Maple butter tart! #cakeandloafmarket
Half salmon / half tuna - it's the only way to fly. #pokehbar #hamontfarmersmarket
Grapefruit flavoured yoghurt FTW.