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#StartupYall LookFar is a software development studio helping to build startups in the Southeast.
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#StartupYall 📲 Startups like @accruentllc, Joonko, and Indigo Ag are growing in the new year! Learn more about the startups that are hiring & expanding across the Southeastern U.S. in our latest Southern Startup Report. The link is in our profile!
"Imagination is far more important than advice. It should be informed by advice but not constrained by it. A vivid imagination is a required trait for any effective CEO, and CEOs should dedicate time to just think and imagine what comes next." ~ Marcus Cobb, CEO of @jammbermusic, Nashville, TN

We love sharing stories from a diverse range of founders, investors, CTOs, CMOs, and other movers & shakers from across the Southern tech startup ecosystem via the “What I Wish I Knew Then” feature in our Southern #Startup Report. The link to the latest edition is in our bio!
#StartupYall --> @deputyapp makes history, @Mixtroz hits $1M in funding, @embarccollective unveils new #innovation space + 19 more recent funding rounds & some love from @RealtimeBoard.

Get the latest Southern #tech #startup news via our Southern Startup Report. The link to read & subscribe is in our profile!
#StartupYall —> A $7.4 BILLION acquisition, a new $100M #blockchain #venturecapital fund, and plenty of other #tech #startup news, upcoming events, and funding rounds are featured in the latest edition of our #Southern Startup Report. 
Companies & organizations mentioned in this edition include: @waitrapp, @lepagecenter, @startupatlanta, @techsquare, @theshipmonk, @launchtn, @precisionhawk, @camelbackventures, @digsouth, @tampabaywave, and more! 
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#StartupYall There are multiple multi-BILLION and multi-million dollar deals in the latest edition of our Southern #Startup Report. The big winners include @solarwindsinc, @redhatinc, @smiledirectclub, and @stratifyd. 
Check out the latest news, events, and #venturecapital funding rounds for #tech #startups across the Southeastern region. The link is in our profile!
What’s the best way to get good customer data? Our featured founder Hassan Riggs of @SmartAlto shares what he wishes he knew at the start of his company. Plus, there’s plenty of recent funding rounds & upcoming accelerator deadlines in the latest Southern Startup Report. The link is in our bio!
#StartupYall Is Silicon Valley’s reign over? Read the latest edition of our Southern Startup Report to learn what’s happening with #tech #startups from across the Southeastern U.S. as they aim to take their place at the table. The link is in our profile!
“When you start a business, you think about the limitless opportunities of the connected world in 2018. We went too wide early on and our message did not resonate with anyone. We thought every business could be our customer. I wish we would have niched down until it hurt. One product, to one target customer, in one vertical market, until we gained enough traction to add on. No regrets but that is how we will do it next time.” — Thanks to Matt Vaadi, CEO of ERG Payroll & HR, for providing his “What I Wish I Knew Then” wisdom for the latest edition of the Southern Startup Report. 
Read about recent funding rounds, new accelerator programs, a $210M acquisition, and a $25M early-stage venture capital fund for startups in one Southern state. The link is in our profile!
A $4.9 billion acquisition, $50 million in equity funding, and a new fund for early stage, female entrepreneurs. It’s all in our latest Southern Startup Report. 
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A $2 BILLION cash acquisition of one Southern tech company? It’s just one of the ways that startups are changing the South. Read more in our latest Southern Startup Report! (The link is in our profile.)
“In the startup universe, there is no such thing as perfect.

I’m an attorney; law is a precise art, and that is the mindset I brought to GotSpot. I spent months trying to get everything on the platform just right before it hit me that building a startup is all about continuous improvement — “just right” doesn’t exist. So I stopped asking “is this exactly how I want it?” and started asking “is it getting better with each iteration?” That’s my new metric for success.” ~ Reda M. Hicks, Co-Founder and CEO of @gotspotinc, Houston, TX

Reda is the latest Southern #startup founder to be featured in our twice-monthly Southern Startup Report! Read the latest edition for tech startup news from across the Southeastern United States, along with recent funding rounds, upcoming pitch competition & accelerator deadlines, and upcoming startup events. The link is in our profile!
How can we create an environment in which #startups can grow and thrive across the Southeastern U.S.? Read the latest #TechStartup news in our Southern #Startup Report (link in profile!) & share your thoughts with us!