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Handwoven home decor + scarves made in MA. Natural fibers, classic design, heirloom quality. Wholesale available. Newsletter: www.bit.ly/loomnews


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Art is imitating life today in my studio. I can’t tell you how hard is is to keep my eyes on what I’m supposed to be working on, instead of staring out the window all day..... 🍂🌾🍁
That moment when you step out of the woods and into the meadow.....
Great big restock just landed @the.artful.gardener in Rochester, NY! What a fantastic display!
Yarn view
Repost from @cultivationscuration! Visit their page for details on each piece.
Incredible sunset view from the top of Mt. Wachusett!
Really really psyched about the new @steelecanvas basket I got for my studio! I’ve been wanting one for ages and found mine on sale last week! And they’re made right here in Massachusetts. I’m using it to hold all my pressing and sewing.
Perfect 🍂 color for some late night trimming. It’s not like I have to get up at 5am or anything..... 😳
Yarn view
☀️ in my studio
Photo by @calebmeyerstudio of a wonderful selection of pieces for the home!