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Handwoven minimalist home decor + scarves made in MA. Natural fibers, classic design, heirloom quality. Handmade Designer Maker Booth #1177 at NY NOW


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More new fabric on the loom! I’m working double time to get my new wholesale catalog finished, which will feature 38 new pieces! This is a really huge accomplishment for me because last year I only came out with 6. This weekend there will be lots of sewing and photography, and hopefully the catalog will go to print on Monday - I’m on a deadline!
Lots of blue headed onto the loom today! It’s been a really productive week, but my weaving wasn’t especially photogenic. Stay tuned to see what I’ve been working on.....
Aqua! The second color in my new design. I’m starting to feel a little bit better about all the color. When I first began Loomination, I worked with a ton of color, but I found it was difficult to fit that aesthetic into most people’s homes. I really reined the color in a lot, so it feels a bit strange to be letting it back in. The other colorway in this design is going to be all blues, which I think I’ll feel a lot more comfortable with. I probably should have done that one first!
And here it is! The new tea towel + napkin design! I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m planning two more warp colors, so there will be a bunch of complementary pieces from this one design. The only opinion I’ve gotten so far is from @justboud1 and he thinks it’s “too colorful.” What do you think???
LOTS of color headed onto the loom today! New tea towel and napkin designs in the works for NY Now next month.
New work is getting done! My Everyday Tea Towel, now available in cornflower blue. Napkins in this color are up next!
The VERY first one of my new tags is getting sewn into a napkin today! So excited about this new design, that it’s permanently going to have the care instructions on it and that it’s taking an entire step out of my production by being sewn in the hem instead of sewn on separately.
Inside vs outside - the nice thing about working from home is that even in a major blizzard, I don’t miss a beat! Snow is seriously piling up on my roof and it looks like we’ve already gotten more than forecast.
Coffee break at the loom is always awesome, but it’s even better with the @campfirestudios mug that I was given as a Christmas gift!
Back at it today! The sun is shining on my loom and I’m daydreaming of warmer days and using these spa towels after a nice swim.
2017 in review - I guess you all are as excited as I am that I’m getting married and you love it when I photograph scarves. Which is kind of weird, because I don’t make that many of them! I’m really glad that 2017 is over because I made some business decisions that weren’t the best and had to live through them for the past 8 months. All year I was moving at a million miles a minute, while always feeling like I was behind. Spent the last week taking too many naps, eating too much toffee, and hibernating from the negative temperatures that have plagued my neck of the woods. I’m all rested up (almost!), I’ve got a clean slate for 2018 and I am SO EXCITED. Now off to celebrate the new year! 🎉 💥 🥂 🍾
They’re here, they’re here!!!! New Loomination tags! It took about 8 weeks from when I first started working with my supplier to design them to when they finally arrived. 5,000 of them! I went through 2,400 tags in 2017, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out any time soon. The new design sews into the hem (taking a whole extra step out of production!) and has all the content and care instructions on the back.