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Est 9.11.1989
Westside of Slauson (CRENSHAW)⏺
Grind Houze
"Throw That"(Blue flame Anthem)
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Location : sutra Ultra lounge (ATL ga)
Time: 11:49pm 
Mood: focused 
Mission: set an example for the streets
Quote: " you ain't really independent if you not spending yo own money....ain't no machine bih we got the streets

Hat #NewEra
Hoodie #Fendi
Sweatpants #crooksandcastles 
Shoes #Nike
Gold #14k
Lmao she say I'm a "rapper"....kinda but my life a little different... It ain't no manager it ain't no label just a bunch of real niggas around me helping me get to where I need to be... They said I needed a machine behind me so I became the machine

#DHill #otw
Official visual from the "D.Hill" project putting in work in these ATL streets this grind is mawfkn serious... The bandwagon is almost full so better find a seat while you still got the chance #Facts

D.Hill otw
I made the mistake of letting them take it from me once but I finally got it back.... Now that it's mines again I'll love honor and cherish it....it maybe flawed but it shines bright and is a daily testimony of God's love.... This smile is gonna be the smile that changes my life
tonight! Catch me later live #A3C weekend #Atlanta shit is finna be magical come fk with a real LA nigga putting in work in these ATL streets...the grind is everything without it youre nothing #OnGod
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It's joy under all them tears...free my nigga bsk god please don't give him all those years...they tore me but I put myself back together...hide the pain from exs name under 5chains and a Gucci sweater

D.Hill otw
#tbt back when my rap name was "Prime Xzample" lmao... Back when niggas didn't have beards classic days on Slauson at the Shell station this was back in 08 i was 18 fresh outta EastMax survived being stabbed in the face but shit i knew back then it was gonna work itself out @nipseyhussle thanks for the motivation from day 1 #solid
#tbt no amount of money fame spotlight will ever change the fact that before I had my own kids my little cousin @_simonnneee_ was my baby to see the young woman she has turned into is incredible I love you so much little ugly and never forget I know multiple ways to make these little boys disappear #OverProtectiveBigCousin #YesIllSplitYoutHead #DontTryHer #ShellForeverBeTooYoungToDate
They tired to put me in a cage but like a bird I fly...I took them birds out the cage now I'm letting the fly...they try to drown you in the pain all the tears and your sorrows...don't let the tears of today stop your smiles of tomorrow...I sacrificed for this now i deserve the win

D.Hill is otw

This is what that real independent grind looks like not A3C after party or no off brand  shit we at official Show #shoutout the plugs @jlabilly and @onewoodrow they asked me who im signed to i said these mawfkn bags! Got that shit out the mud so I ain't mad when they throw dirt on my name! They gave a rap check just to think about taking a rap check #facts #A3C get ready we bring this south Central shit the A #Facts
#indieartist #independentartist #rap #followforfollowers #f4f #rapper #hypemagazine .....I'm going for that win be on the lookout for that single record deal
See them scars and swollen musles on my back...thats proof of this grind every scar tells a  story of how these niggas couldn't beat me #Strangers will always show #love before those who watched you come up...people are gonna feel like they're owed a spot at the table because they handed you the screws you bought then walked away to eat at another table only to realize them niggas wasn't eating.... They'll say things like "I know how you are" nah you have an idea of how I was and if you can't let that go you'll never see how I am....It was all good when they were dictating how much I got and how I got it...but now that I'm getting it it's a problem? My shine don't stop yours...I sacrifice daily with a pure and humble heart I deserve to floss #OnGod

D.Hill is on the way 
6am visual with my nigga @1247swift is coming soon