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Mother of Girls. 👩🏻‍💻Entrepreneur & Influencer. 🐾Catlady & Lifestyle Photographer sharing Family Life and the Pursuit of Happiness. #letgirlsbefierce


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My lazy cat Rango. #catmom #catlady #catlover
I wish I could freeze the hands of time and relive this day all over again.
#iwanttobehere 🌊💕
My beautiful book worm. 🤗💕
I don't know what I'll do with my life now. 😫💦 #ilovefutbol #francevscroatia #fifaworldcup #fifaworldcup2018 #france
World Cup Day! ⚽️
So last night I was talking to this girl and asked who she thought was going to win today. She said "who is Croatia? Yeah Croatia is gonna win".
There you have it! My 6 year old made her first prediction. 🤗⚽️💕
PS. My baby lost her first 2 bottom teeth at the same time! Where has my baby gone?!! 😫💦
Stay strong.
I don't regret my past, otherwise I wouldn't be where I am today. Nothing is ever perfect but as long as I see all the beauty around me and appreciate the little things in life (like the sound of a seagull around me), I know I'm living the life I'm meant to. 🤗💕
Music is Life.
🎶I get it any way I can. #review #sonyXB10 Thanks to my 6 year old for taking this picture. 🤗💕
Took me 3 days...
I repeat 3 days to completely clean my daughter's room up. I am actually shocked they have so much to play with and now it's all just going for storage. Growing up I had one doll, one, and I appreciated it so much. Is there such a thing as kids having too much these days? My aching back and feet seem to think so! 😫💦💕
My plan towards a minimalist lifestyle continues one aching back day at a time...
This girl.
She keeps me alive.
She gives me hope.
We dream together.

I know they say motherhood is mostly one way. That we give and provide for our children. But there is so much more. I think of it mostly as everything theey give me. The emotional support, the unconditional love, the joy we feel when they are finally able to pull off a stunt they've been working hard for so long.
📸 Then we take a picture because, you know, we wanna hold on to these moments and emotions forever. 🤗💕 #childhoodislove  #motherhood #letgirlsbefierce
Sometimes I think of him.
Sometimes I think of him more.
Sometimes I think of him till it hurts.
Over a year later.
The pain never goes away.
It just becomes a bit more bearable. 😞 #aintmissingyou
Lunch courtesy of @johnnycarinos ❤️😘 #carbsarelife #ineedcarbsinmylife
Good morning to me! Look at these angels I get to wake up next to... and Gwen (who wakes me up every single middle of the night to let her in). 🤗❤️