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Photographer - Los Angeles-DM or email -zephyr5150@yahoo.com


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Fantastic beauty and fashion of @irenaiverson and @flaricent_style with team @photogenetix2074 with @4n6design
Team Photogenetix Project with the gorgeousness of @kankola
MUA @421ajb - Stylist @4n6design photo by @lorenzobelmontephoto
Team #photogenetix2074 joint model ms. Pernille Sae @pernillesoe
Mua/hair @421ajb 
Stylist @4n6design 
on Trigger @lorenzobelmontephoto @fdphotostudio #fdphotographystudio2018
Sunny days gone by
@_camillie - The Real Thing 
Still kind of taking a break but @mmc_modeling contacted me to shoot with Camille- how could I say no- 
Stylist @irenaiverson - high Fashion stylist joined us. #fdphotographystudio2018
Megan Felix is one of my favorites to work with- Great dress by @irenaiverson - high fashion stylist- fun at #fdphotographystudio2018
Model @megfelix - on drums @lorenzobelmontephoto - slaying it
Unreleased pic of @sabrinalynnci - Rooftop on Arcade studio- style by @4n6design
Fun shoot with this gorgeous muse @Linda
The French château - a Team @photogenetix2074 project with @4n6design - model @vmk 
Styist @veteran_couture - just incredible | mua @karinacaromua
One of Photogenetix’s favs - @theonexmusic
The ravine beauty of Sophia with mr. B @4n6design #playavista
Got back in town about an hour ago- took a look around - see which way the wind blow..open some unreleased photos and added new touch up technique - beautiful muse @stephancker with Miya @karinacaromua at @fdphotostudio