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🦉artist relations mgr at @foundationsea and @uscevents. making music is cool. your mom would probs like me. :::new remix:::


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Wut you mean, "we're out of redbull?" 😶
Find your sauce and get lost in it 🍝 What's yours? 📽 @turkphotos
Free download 🔥Link in bio 📽 @vertechsvisuals
03.09.18 support for one of the OGs- @mitis at @foundationsea 🔥🔥 also note our local buddies @endr_official and @mortalsoffical on call as well 👀🔥
When the mix so 🔥that you gotta blow on the cdjs to cool em off 😗💨 📸 @turkphotos
Family vibes always in full effect at @foundationsea 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📸 @turkphotos

Contest is now over. Congratulations to Wendy Sanaye for being our winner! 📸 @turkphotos
This room.. is our canvas. We are all creators here. 📸 @turkphotos
Some lost footage from our trip to LA.. white boy complains about the sun, tasty ramen, @erickmorillo , etc etc etc 😏 check it out on the tube
Climbed a big hill to scope out the rest of 2018 😗 People still suck but memes get better.. also @reinisfit reminded me to get off my ass and exercise
02.24.18 @atrak at @foundationsea ! I'm on direct support from 11-12 right after the boi @trevorllittle
02.16.18 - Hollywood 🔥 @avalonhollywood @lunice