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Well guys @ronningwithscissors has done it again.
Unintentional twinning today 💃💃
This is where we sat on our first date and this is the drink my husband ordered on our wedding night in our first date spot and again on our anniversary. It's been a year and I'm still having so much fun and I still love you so much.
Our sweet Gilly may not look very happy here but trust me when I say she is purr purr purring away.
Like #MST3K, but with The Simpsons and Lana.
Hello from Knoxville, Iowa.
Did some farming today. (I rode in the combine until my butt fell asleep.) #nofilter because it's not necessary; you pretty, Iowa.
The wind was miserable inside Kinnick yesterday, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thankfully the football was not and here's our obligatory bridge picture.
Super Awesome Comedy Explosion with super awesome friends.
Squeezed in some niece time yesterday and my heart is full. What do you think of Cassie's Play Doh Haley? @natzehr @zehrja01
We had cocktails last night, and they were good.
A year ago yesterday this little fluffball wandered into the brewery and said "mew." We brought her home and a few days later named her Lana. 
We kept her quarantined when we first brought her home to make sure she wasn't going to give our cats feline AIDS or worms or whatever. I came home one afternoon to hear growling in the workout room and feared that one of the big cats had gotten in and was going to tear her apart, only to find her standing in front of the full-length mirror I use for yoga practice growling at the little cat she saw growling back at her. 
She likes to bite toes and terrorize our house and other cats but she's still pretty funny and even cuddly sometimes. We're glad she chose us.