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Internet person who likes cats, beer, Jeopardy, and Hawkeyes.

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Whispered "you're very sleepy" to this cat and she fell asleep.
Spreading holiday cheer, FRP glue, and concrete sealer. Hats available at thewbrew.com.
Marriage powers activate
Look, I know it says tarts but I'm five #fartdemoy #spinnagefart
This book is insane. It is an artist's book that was a masters thesis project, it covers an entire table when open, it is a wedge-shaped accordion when closed, and the artist made TEN of them. Absolutely incredible.
This book is old.
Autographed copy of The War of the Worlds, NBD.
Very pretty fore-edge book.
Even little cats gotta nap.
It's been a very good year. #2017bestnine
Celebrating the birthday of two of my favorite writers: Joan Didion and @21stcpoet.