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Still, like air, I rise 🖤

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A lil Kardashian never hurt nobody #LJ21 ✨
Belly laughs all night 🤣 #LJ21 ✨✨✨ 📸: @stuartcastle
Had the most fun night w my favourite people & unlimited cocktails 💙 #LJ21
Refreshed & Ready ✨😊 #21 🎵✨
For a long time I’ve felt lost and for a long time I’ve been worried about telling people that. Lost in my anxiety, lost in who I’m meant to be, lost in worrying I’m not good enough n even worrying that people think I’m not working hard enough to produce new material. I have the same insecurities as everybody else but I’m trying to step back and realise that I’m still young and learning my way, trying to accept and love myself, not completely knowing who I am at times and being confused. I have anxiety just speaking about my anxiety. It’s not something Id speak about openly until recently because I always felt stupid. 
I will stop putting so much pressure on myself (bc there’s enough of that in the world as it is) I will try to embrace the confusion and run with it because dreams don’t ever end, they just grow bigger. And at this moment in time I want to be lost, but in laughter with my family and friends. Lost in writing music I never got to write because I was afraid of being honest or wasn’t able to express how I felt. Lost in the moment. Theres no such thing as perfect however it may look on the outside. We all have the same feelings ❤️
So I’m gonna put my phone down a lil bit more and take a mini breather for myself. The Storm is clearing and I’m looking forward to the next part of my journey with you all. I can’t wait to finally show you ME ❤️ I also wanna say thanks to you amazing unbelievable people that keep me going you’re literally the world x ps I also want to say you aren’t alone, Let’s get lost in 2019 🎵
Beautiful morning at Great Ormond Street with these beautiful souls ❤️ @spreadasmileuk ❤️ thank you for letting me spread smiles with you it is the most rewarding feeling ever xxx
Brainstorming 🧠 💭 🤔 🎵
Best few days writing some bangers with these incredible souls @m22official time of my life! 😍✨☀️🎵🍺
Tunes & beer 🎵🍺
Supporting jess glynnnne right NOW hehe so excited woooopppp
@jonasblue killin his set last night 🔥🎵🔥🎵