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When I moved into this house last year, I was so excited to have my own built in work space. Of course, before long it became a dumping ground and months later, I'm not sure I've ever properly sat here and made use of it!
I've just spent the past three hours tidying, sorting and cleaning and voila! Time for the chaos to end.
(Of course, you should still see the rest of the house... I've a looong way to go before there is no more chaos! But this is a start!).
(Also, I think my house is slanted... I had to tilt the camera to get these shelves straight!) *
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Who loves #RichardScarry books? They're definitely a hit in our house, and I remember poring over them when I was a kid too. Always something new to see in amongst all the illustrations if you look hard enough.
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Had a great day with these two munchkins. A much needed catch-up with friends followed by the school Spring Fayre. Nice to have a simple day.
Happy birthday to this handsome guy! Can't believe that three years ago you made your very punctual entrance into the world, being born just around lunch time on your due date. Arrived at the unit at 8am, home by 8pm.

Nothing about you has been so calm and punctual since, (you are the exact opposite of your sister) and your world is full of adventure, fun, craziness and chaos!

We love you millions, Joel Stanley John and we wouldn't have you any other way. ❤️❤️❤️
#Throwback to twelve years ago when I graduated from university in this beautiful cathedral (#TheShard most certainly didn't provide the backdrop at the time!). Can't believe it's been over a decade! So much has happened since then, and life doesn't always turn out how you think it will, but in all things I have walked with Jesus, and he takes it all and makes it all mean something.
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So yesterday we went to Wembley. My niece won the opportunity to walk out as a mascot with Manchester City and England Lionesses captain, @stephhoughton2! What an experience for her! And of course we took the opportunity to go and support her and enjoy the game. We were sat right behind the goal at the Man City end, which was great because all three goals were scored in the second half. 43,000 people, great atmosphere and a fantastic show for women's football.
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Great atmosphere here at wembley for the Women's fa cup final. My niece got to walk out with the #manchestercity captain! What an experience for her!
#wembleystadium #womensfootball #mancityvwestham #mascot
Seeing the sights on the #riverthames. So many fun times had round these places!
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So today we are on our way to #wembley to see the Women's FA Cup Final - our niece is lucky enough to be one of the mascots! Of course this meant squeezing in some sights so we headed to #stpaulscathedral. Beautiful day, if a bit cold!
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So the whole purpose of our weekend trip to #London was to attend a family baby shower at #TheCow at #westfieldstratford. We had booked out the entire top floor as a party and it is a great option if you need a space for a party. *
We had ordered our food in advance, and although it took a couple of calls to get reliable #allergy information, there was a meal that I could have - beer battered cod and chips. It was pretty good. If you fancy half decent gastro pub style food then this is well worth a stop. *
There is a kids menu, but personally I wouldn't bring them again. I mean, my kids just want nuggets and ketchup.... This food is a bit high-end for them. It was great looking, but the portions were huge, and were gastro versions of kids classics..... It doesn't really account for the fact that my kids turn their noses up at a hint of pepper, gravy, or herbs. Saying that, when my 6yo sent her sausage and mash back because she didn't like gravy, they kindly made her a new one - which they didn't have to do! *
Anyway, good food, great service and a great venue.
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Following on from my previous post, I thought I would share with you all a bit about what we did at the weekend. So first up, we took a trip to the London Transport Museum @ltmuseum. We didn't have a whole day to devote to this trip as we had to be back at @westfieldstratfordcity for 3pm, so this was the perfect sized attraction for us to squeeze in on Saturday morning - spending about 3 hours in total, (which is plenty if you have littlies and don't want to stop and read every single exhibit!). So what did we think?
Well first and foremost, the kids (6 & almost 3) LOVED it! There was loads to see, loads to interact with, and they really enjoyed the stamper trail. You could board a good amount of the vehicles... So it was little man's idea of heaven basically! *
I might post a full review on the blog at some point, so let me know if you have any burning questions, but for now, it was a really lovely morning and the kids had an absolute blast! *
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These two did us immensely proud over the weekend. I will never take for granted what troopers they are - it means we can create lots of memories, even though transport isn't always easy.
This weekend we were celebrating a baby shower in London so we decided to make a weekend of it, booked a hotel and chose to pack a lot in! Not all of it was easy; trying to keep a strong willed, independent 2yo safe on the underground isn't fun! Worrying how the 6yo is coping on a packed tube when you've been separated by a crowd is not my idea of fun either! But we packed a lot in - I'll fill you in on the details over the next few days.
But for now, I'll say this - kids are resilient, they have boundless energy and when we are exhausted, they're ready to go again. They want to experience everything and everyone, they make friends on the tube (I know, right?!), they want to go their own way, they strike up conversations and hit 15,000 steps in a day without batting an eyelid!
I could definitely learn a lot from them! Life is for living, and experiencing everything that comes our way, and even though we're now absolutely shattered (and probably very skint), a weekend like that was well worth living! *
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