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HUGE amounts of gratitude to everyone who has been purchasing our mixes in the lead up to Christmas. We are so humbled and excited about our beautiful little range of Organic Activated Buckwheat Mixes being loved up (and gobbled up 😂) and so love that they are being gifted all around Australia. 
The packaging is compostable and recyclable making is a great #sustainable Christmas gift idea and 50c from every packet mix goes to @ozharvest ensuring one meal is made available to one vulnerable Australian. Now that’s nourishment 💕 —— Christmas Spice Cake Mix —- and —— Banana Bread Mix —-now available online and at stockists around Australia. 
Head to our website (link in profile) to find all our amazing stockists or to purchase. Free shipping on orders $75 and over 💕💕💕💕
Not many people know this about me because I love to smile, but the one of the many reasons I got into food was because of tendencies to feel ‘depressed’. Back in 2002 I was dealing with a complete immune system collapse, glandular fever, acute tonisilitus, in and out of hospital and on 9 rounds of antibiotics which spanned an entire year. That year I also was dealing with feelings of depression and large scale anxiety. Something had to change, so I looked to food and noticed that when I ate foods that nourished my body, I felt good and vice verse when I ate foods that contained sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, coffee or that were highly processed, I felt tired, lethargic, moody and even anxious. 
The shift to my mental health was massive, allowing a clearer, happier mental space. 
Each and every time i feel low, I look to my diet as well as what needs to be addressed through communication AND create space for self care. 
Your gut is sending messages to your brain based on how it is responding to the food you are ingesting. Feed it food that is compatible and nourishing to your body and your brain will get the signals that you are doing A-OK. 
Thanks @drkatenorris For sharing this gem xxx
There has been fair amount of cake eaten for breakfast today and you can see why! So loved making this deeply decadent Chocolate Flourless Cake with Maple Chocolate Butter Cream for my beautiful sister Daniella’s wedding on Saturday. With so much food being served, only the top layer was eaten at the wedding, leaving the whole bottom layer to be enjoyed back home! Seeing it sitting on the counter reminded us all of dear Boris Bogtrotter sitting down to his enormous chocolate cake in Matilda!! Such a special time for our families 💕
Another yummy and nourishing organic #grazingtable created - this time for my beautiful sister and her new wife Jade! Such a stunning day celebrating love, equality, family and life. 
Congratulations beautiful women, wishing you both a lifetime of joy, love, nourishment and expansion 💕😘🙏💕
This one is for all of us.... thanks @nellymmartin for sharing the wisdom 💕
Can’t quite believe this monkey turns ONE next week. Feeling so very grateful 💕
So excited about this beautiful new product!
Christmas Spice Cake Mix 💕
It’s so SIMPLE to make. Take 1x packet of our Organic Activated Buckwheat Christmas Spice Cake Mix and 1x 400ml can Coconut Cream. Mix & bake!!
Christmas in the bag 😂😂😂
It’s: #glutenfree ✔️ #dairyfree ✔️ #grain free ✔️ #vegan friendly ✔️ Absolutely delicious ✔️ Head over to one of amazing stockists (tap photo for list)or website to purchase (link in profile). Free shipping on orders $75 and over 💕
Me with my babies! Just missing Noa 😂 
LOVING the evolution of this range of mixes... fills my heart right up to know so many are enjoying them around #Australia 
Shout outs to our awesome family of stockists! 
@chokubaijo @bittengoodfoods @boatshedmarket @localpress_wholefoods @inyogalife @cocoswealthofhealth @empower_wellbeing @thebiggreencupcafe @power_yoga_canberra @inhale_life @bossleyparkdeli @bayside_naturalhealthcentre @markethealthfoods 
We 💕 you guys!! #wholefoodssydney #wholefoodsulladulla #wholefoodscanberra #wholefoodsperth #organicssydney #organicscanberra #organicsperth
A HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to Wellness Woman 2018! What a stunning afternoon we had. 
Something special happens when women get together in support of each other. It was nourishing, nurturing, love filled and delicious. Massive amounts of love and gratitude to our presenters @amy_molloy , Kirsten Bradley of @milkwood_permaculture and @relauncher_alison for sharing your wisdom. Just wow! Feed back has been that the stories you shared and the knowledge gained, absolutely invaluable. Thank you!! To stay in touch with all things Wellness Woman follow @wellnesswomenthrive 💕
In everything that I do there is always a lesson for me and this year, it’s absolutely been this... at every moment of our lives we must listen to ourselves anew. We have never been here before so to compare or judge won’t work if we are interested in wellbeing. At times we are more fragile than at other times, this is ok, it actually part of life. It’s just time to be a little gentler and nurturing with ourselves. 
I’m absolutely committed to to a world where we can each truly honour where we are at, when we are there for there is no where else we can be. 
So much love 
Angie xx
Ps. I’ve ducked off to Hawaii for a dear friend’s wedding so apologies for the Hawaii spam you’re about to witness!
RIDICULOUSLY excited to welcome two very special NEW products to the family! 
Taking our family of three mixes to FIVE! 
Our mixes are made on Activated Buckwheat and are organic plus gluten, dairy and nut free and are VEGAN Friendly too, yippee!! To celebrate these beautiful new mixes joining the family we are offering FREE SHIPPING when you purchase four or more mixes. Simply use code MIX PARTY 💃💕💃 To purchase, head to the link in my profile. 
I hope you all enjoy these new mixes as much as we do. 
With much love
Angie xxx
Some days are for slowing down. As I gear up to host Wellness Woman 2018 on Sunday, I notice my mind is busier, thinking about how I want everything to flow, to look and taste like, to feel. While it’s a beautiful thing to be in creation, I still need to honour the cycles of my body, respect the fact that I’m still nurturing a little one and take the time to slow down in amongst the busy. In any schedule there is always the possibility to find stillness, it just needs to be honoured and embraced as being just as important as creating and doing. Take your moments of slow, enjoy them, they will rarely be given by someone else 💕😘
Gosh I love this! It’s so easy to focus on what hasn’t been achieved when actually look how far we’ve come! Thanks for sharing @nellymmartin 💕

10 sleeps till Wellness Woman 2018 beautiful women!! Book your tickets now to be part of our stunning long lunch, inspired conversations and networking event. Ticket link in profile 💕💕💕 #wellnesswoman2018 #organic #womeninbiz #nourishing